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Oregon Sex Offender Registry
Published: January 25, 2012 | | 104880 clicks | 209 comments
Oregon provides information only for sex offenders who have been designated as Predatory, as provided in ORS 181.585, who have also been determined to present the highest risk of reoffending and to require the widest range of notification; or found to be a sexually violent dangerous offender under ORS 144.635.
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Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 11, 2005 07:29 PM

Oregon needs to post all sex offenders on the internet. It is the easiest and fastest way to get information for those who use it.

Posted by Barbara (not registered) on Oct 12, 2005 12:52 PM

Oregon's prison system pecentage of Sex Offenders is 85%. Not only do they incarcerate thier own states sex offenders but they imoprt them from other states as well. Therefore it is even more inpairative that Oregon post a Statewide Registery of ALL known SEX OFFENDERS whether they are currently incarcerated or out on the streets.

Posted by Oh come on (not registered) on Oct 13, 2005 04:38 PM

Why do you need to be notified of SO's who are currently incarcerated? How can they hurt you when they are sitting in a jail cell?

Posted by james (not registered) on Oct 13, 2005 05:44 PM

Maybe if you would show the faces of these people on the net we could protect our children. but we know who you are really trying to protect bunch of tree hugers

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 13, 2005 08:33 PM

i just looked online for about a half hour trying to find the registry, only to find that there isn't one online. but i did come across a page that told how much they got paid to have the registry. why couldn't they have put it online? too much trouble? they obviously don't care if we are safe.

Posted by Bubba Marie (not registered) on Oct 14, 2005 01:24 AM

Er, do you mean a tree hugger? NOTE: the word has TWO g's...not one. Before you bash what you don't understand, try sounding a littel more erudite. Besides, it's much better to hug a tree with lust in your eye than a pre-pubescent human.

Posted by PB (not registered) on Oct 14, 2005 05:02 PM

"try sounding a littel more erudite"

Before commenting on someone's spelling of 'hug(g)er' perhaps one should spell check their own work.

Posted by Sweetness (not registered) on Oct 16, 2005 01:00 AM

they need too

Posted by michelle (not registered) on Oct 16, 2005 06:16 PM

i don't understand why we dont have a posted site with pictures and locations of these people. can anyone explain to me why this is??

Posted by Paul (not registered) on Oct 17, 2005 07:24 AM

Indiana is still cave dwelling in this regard. Michigan has their list online and you can search by zip code.

Indiana needs to step up to the plate (they are paid for it) and provide information of PSOR's in your neigborhood. To me, Indiana is protecting the identity of the offenders, and the Attorny General needs pushing for the safety of the kids.

Posted by Jan (not registered) on Oct 26, 2005 09:30 PM

Sometimes I feel like I'm deliberately being denied access to sex offender information in Oregon. I have young children, and this is important to me. Maybe if more people contacted their State and local governments regarding this, we could get something done

Posted by Helpful informer (not registered) on Nov 01, 2005 11:38 PM

There is one site that you can find Oregon sex offenders on, it is and the sex registry information is absolutly free, no need to pay or register or anything. I hope this helps someone somewhere

Posted by Bethany (not registered) on Nov 02, 2005 04:00 PM

my child attends a preschool in which a registered sex offender lives less than 1 block away from. It has come to my attention that they are not making him move because he is an informant for the local Police department! What about my childs safety? The community needs to be informed and action needs to be taken! Oregon along with every single state should have a registry for sex offenders! Its time as parents and citizens we take a stand and something gets done about it! I am contacting my local newspaper! Lincoln County offers a certain number of sex offenders on the website, but not all of the sex offenders are listed! I know I am not comfortable with my child attending a school where he could be in harms way, but why punish him by taking him out of a school that he loves because the LAW should be doing something about it!

Posted by Grateful for the help (not registered) on Dec 01, 2005 10:28 PM

Thank you so much for the information from it was helpful for me.

As for Indiana go to Access Indy and you should be able to find the information you are requesting.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Dec 02, 2005 08:09 PM

Thank You so much for the information from "Helpful Informer" I was able to find the information that I needed and feel should be accessible for all of us! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Posted by FED UP (not registered) on Dec 03, 2005 08:01 PM

I am sick of the sex offenders being able to go about like they never did anything wrong, they shouldn't be able to go so freely. I recently was in formed that the neighbor guy is a sex offender but he never got formally charged cuz he's mentally slow, this guy acts as normal as anyone else yet he got by with it. He works a full time job has a live in girlfriend and does everything that anyone else can do. What the heck is wrong with the system? This guy is really guilty, the proof was amazing, yet he got off! We have three children and theres many more in our neighborhood including a daycare and bus stop(at the opposite corner from his house). I dont feel that he should be able to live here, but his p.o. doesnt do anything about it even after he says that watching kids on tv get him excited. But since he has the girlfriend that makes it safer for our children, thats b.s. Our neighbors have been trying to get him out of here they dont feel safe! Our own children can't even go outside and be safe in there own yard cuz of him, thats wrong! WHEN DID THE SYSTEM GET SO MESSED UP SO THE OFFENDERS RIGHTS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN POTENTIAL VICTIMS!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Dec 03, 2005 09:33 PM

i think that oregon needs to put them online becasue i was a victim of sexual molestation and im sure many people would like to know if there are any people in thier area

Posted by frances (not registered) on Dec 07, 2005 03:19 PM

I am extremely upset at the fact more is not being done by local police officials to inform communitites of sex offenders in our midst. There are alot of people who are uniformed as to who is living around us and uninformed about how to obtain sex offense registry information. i just found out that there is a child molester living a few houses away from mine. I will make it my business to inform every single household on my street and surrounding neighborhood. I am the mother of 2 little girls and I would only hope there are people out there who feel they would do the same. It is the community's right to be informed. These sex offenders have no rights when it comes to our children.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Dec 19, 2005 01:33 PM

Truly, this is an atrocity. This is what happens when liberals run the show. Sex offenders give up all rights when they violate, rape and molest children and women. The citizens deserve access to this information via the internet.

Posted by not (not registered) on Dec 19, 2005 11:08 PM

why is it that lincoln county and the state of oregon cannot keep up on the sex offenders. i had a sexual preditor living next to me for over a year who was not registered at that address. i contacted o.s.p. and they said he lived somewhere else. it's b.s. . he is now registered at the address but no notification to the community was given, not that is b.s...

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Dec 29, 2005 11:45 AM

I'm looking for that website-you know the one, the one to protect children! I've tried everything I could think of but was unable. You know the one that has a picture and adress of everyone who drinks at bars and hops in thier car. Then drives their 1 or 2 ton vehicle just inches from my children. I'm pretty sure I seen your picture on it.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Dec 29, 2005 12:02 PM

Let's get down to brass tacts. 1 out of 6 boys and 3 out of 10 girls are abuse before they reach the age of 18 - thats approx 1/3 of the population of the United States to help you more that is over 100,000,000 people abuse ( the figure is more than likley higher since many don't report) If anyone thinks a "website" is the answer, well then the media has done its job. It is of course true some sex offenders need to not only go to jail but stay in prison under civil commitment. Liste, if you want to protect children from abuse its not from registered sex offenders. It is at home, at work, at school. Look around you or in the mirror that is where you will find people who abuse children. When I was a social worker for CPS w e would look first at the ones yelling and pointing the most. Let's get real. It is a problem which can be adressed at the mental health level first. Then the legal system. The numbers are climbing and have been. Websites are just a way of weaking the constitution. Send your time and letters to your senators, congressmen. Putting your finger in the hole of the dike is what in essence you are doing. Mental health IS the awnser. Who was who said the masses are asses. I wonder how we will be viewed by our great-grandchildren, oh wait, they'll be in prison because they "might" abuse a child in the "future"--no, that could never happen-right?

Posted by Wilsonville Mother (not registered) on Dec 30, 2005 09:53 AM

This past summer I too was outraged that I did not have access to see sex offenders that may live close to my daughter who was attending college in Eugene. I contact MANY State Representatives. The only one who contacted me back was Jerry Krummel. Representative Krummel made this issue one of his priority bills and after much hard work by himself and his Chief of Staff Dawn Phillips the bill passed both the House and Senate.

It was signed in to law in October and will be active in July of 2006. Please keep in mind that this website will only post those most likely to re-offend and not all sexual predators. 500 of the 11,000 we currently have in Oregon.

It is a great starting place but the education must begin at home and often. I have seen the devastation these predators can do to a life. I have had family members who were affected. I firmly believe once someone has violated a child or raped a woman they lose all rights to privacy. It is my hope with this bill that a child will be saved and we as Oregonians will act responsibly when we find a violator in our neighborhoods. Do not give those that oppose this website (there are many) any ammunition to have it taken down.

Posted by lisa (not registered) on Jan 19, 2006 02:20 PM


Posted by Bryan (not registered) on Jan 24, 2006 12:08 AM

I have a five year old and am from Oregon, but now living in Indiana. It amazes me that Oregon does not have a Sex Offender list. You should see Indiana's... Oregon needs to get it together in this area.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jan 28, 2006 01:15 AM

don't you think it would be good idea to have online sex offender registry for those who register and for those who don't register? I know for a fact that there are people who haven't registered and those names should be given to the public. you need to look out for community, not the offenders.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Feb 05, 2006 02:11 PM

Yes.. I agree ..8

Posted by Amber (not registered) on Feb 07, 2006 05:28 PM

I am sickened by this, it should a be federal law that requires EVERY state to maintain an online register. I just found online in Colorado that I have a sex offender in my apartment building, this makes me think twice about letting my daughter outside alone and what I need to warn her about, and possibly moving. It's about educating people and our kids about strangers and what to look for in sex offenders. WAKE UP OREGON!

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Feb 10, 2006 10:10 AM

Oregon should maintain a registry. My father sexually molested me for seven years until I finally got away from him. His picture should be posted to warn others and should be available for other important reasons. Someone definately needs to get on top of this.

Posted by concerned mom (not registered) on Feb 12, 2006 12:48 PM

if I know a man returned to my community after spending several years in prison for molesting children, how would I recognize him? I have a right to protect my children by making them aware of the 'appearance' of a sex offender. He's a nice man? His 'nice guy' facade cost a child greatly. And tell me again the recidivism rate for sex offenders!

Posted by Thankful for Helpful Informer (not registered) on Feb 18, 2006 02:38 PM

THANK YOU!!! This web site helped us identify a sex offender working in a family restaurant that we frequent. Which we will no longer frequent with our kids!!! I only wish there was a way to find-out what their original charge was, to see if they're dangerous to kids or not. THANK YOU HELPFUL INFORMER FOR THE REFERRAL TO!!!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Feb 22, 2006 07:13 PM

One of the earlier comments (Dec 7, 2005) says: "extremely upset at the fact more is not being done by local police officials to inform communitites of sex offenders in our midst" The fact is, even the local police officers are not always notified when a sexual offender moves into the city. I should know. I am a police officer for a small department. As of right now, the Oregon State Police houses the records for sexual offenders. They are the ones, along with the state legislature, that needs to be pushed to do more.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Feb 28, 2006 01:55 PM

Every state should have an updated website that lists sexual offenders; name, age, and address. If a offender is not regisering, as they are legally obligated, their information should be posted and listed as out of compliance so if a person should find themselves living near that offender they can contact law enforcement. Once a person commits a horrendous crime such as sexual abuse of a child you should no longer be allowed to live in a society as if you never destroyed the life of another. As for time served, as some would argue when a offender has done jail time, the number one repeat offender of crime are those who sexually abuse children. Prison does not reform these derranged individuals. Thus every state should be taking all measures possible to ensure their tax paying citizens are given the tools to protect their children.

Posted by OR MOTHER (not registered) on Mar 01, 2006 12:48 AM

It's my understanding that if a sex offender completes treatment (which usually takes about 6 years I think - depending on each individuals ability to pass assigned levels of treatment) they can then apply to waive the obligation of registering as a sex offender. Does anyone know more about this topic?

I also know that you can view a general list of jail and work release inmate?s photos? and it will tell you if they are sex offenders. I have looked them up in Umatilla County.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 01, 2006 10:09 PM

I think they need every county available, so if you are looking to live in a certain area , you can look up online and see who lives where.

Posted by female anonymous (not registered) on Mar 10, 2006 08:50 AM

This is ridiculous. We need to see them, know where they live.They should have thought about this before they committed their crimes Write to your politicians and get this visual. We have a thing called the FAMILY WATCHDOG! Keep your communities armed and aware!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 13, 2006 04:06 AM

You people don't know what you are talking about. You can't lump every sex offender into one group anymore tan you can any other group of people. As the wife of a convicted sex offender( this happened before I met him)for 18 yrs. I can tell you that they are put through Intensive treatment programs(all of which I was required to attend with him)...His lasted 7 years(at great expense to us) and he is required to re-register every year for the rest of his life. In the days of his crime alot of things fell under the umbrella of "sex offenses",and while having sex with a minor is not something to be proud of, it happens all the time. Look at all the young mothers and pregnant teens in our schools and you must admit the sex is rampant. Do you really think that all those girls are pregnant by other teens? Some are and some aren"t,but the simple act of having sex with one(wthout violence or coersion) is still that a man guilty of poor judgement will pay for the rest of his life. Now in his late 50's and happily married and sober, he and I will be dogged by something that happened 25yrs. ago FOREVER! In a nutshell, some sex offenders are considered predatory and/or likely to repeat offend and some are not. For those who are not,why should you be able to deny them honest work and human happiness because of a past mistake that You don't know the particulars of? Shame on all of you so called christian people who don't practice what you preach. Evidently your God only forgives certain kinds of people. I don't know any where in the Bible where it says you and pick and choose who is worthy of forgiveness.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 27, 2006 03:52 PM


Posted by FRANKM on Mar 27, 2006 04:21 PM


Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 18, 2006 12:10 AM

Bubba Marie (not registered) on October 14, 2005 at 01:24 am posted a response, trying to correct someone that misspelled "hugger" when she couln't spell "little" correctly. She spelled it "littel." I believe people should first look at a mirror before speaking.

Posted by Deputy (not registered) on Apr 20, 2006 02:22 PM

I'm actively in law enforcement and have investigated over 50 registered sex offenders during the past year here in Oregon.

In my jurisdiction, approximately 10% of our registered sex offenders are out-of-compliance. Meaning, they failed to tell us where they are at. My largest concern is the lack of support from the DA's office. I've investigated too many of these out-of-compliance individuals only to have the DA's office not pursue a warrant, because of confusion regarding the statutes, or their lack of interest in these cases.

A public website for Oregon is coming this summer, but will only list predatory sex offenders. A database of all of the Oregon registered sex offenders would be too bulky (12,000+). Besides this information is generated by the sex offenders themselves and wouldn't be accurate. Criminals lie all the time...

Don't focus too much on the registered sex offenders. Also consider the other people in your community. After all at one time every sex offender was a "normal" person in the community before they offended. Be wary of everyone... Teach your children good tactics.

Those free websites are okay, if you're not looking for anything too specific. I've compared it to the law enforcement only database and there are numerous missing entries on the websites and lots in inaccurate information. So don't put too much stock in these free sites.

Stay safe.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 25, 2006 02:29 PM

They should put pictures and make it public acessable because my freind is dateing a so and shes a minor

Posted by christine (not registered) on May 25, 2006 07:29 AM

i think oregon should list the sex offenders when it has to do with kids so that way we know and to watch so our children are safe from harm

Posted by concerned parent (not registered) on May 26, 2006 08:51 PM

It seems that Oregon is the only state that has not posted maps of sex offenders living in our area? I've been trying to look for a web-site that can give me info. on sex offenders registered in our neighborhood. Does anyone know where to look?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on May 30, 2006 06:36 PM

It's truly fascinating reading the blogs on this subject. Oregon appears to be the national poster child to get a sex offender registry. The true question is does it stop crime, has it in the other states. I would say probably not. Will it make us more diligent about protecting our children, shouldn't we already be taking those extra precautions. One statement from a previous blog was exceptionally true. "Sex offenders crimes are varied" and as different as the crime of theft and not all bare the right of citizens to know the people who committed them. How about the validity of all those prosecuted and registered under the sex crime laws. One former Attorney general from the state of Florida estimated over 40 percent of the convictions are bogus. One can certainly understand the feelings of parents to protect thier children, shouldn't we then register murderers, how about former drug addicts, drug sellers, aren't they as great or greater a threat . Drunk drivers are a definite threat to children, shouldn't they be on a national registry? I fully understand we need to protect children, but we must do our part. Unless we perform the duties of being extraordinarily vigilant, No Registry or list will help. Predatory Sexual Offenders should be monitored by the legal system, restrictions on the places where they can live are appropriate. I am not concerned about all sexual offenders. I believe people have to have the chance to redeem themselves and the wide range of application of these laws should not throw the whole group into a predatory category. The offender I am most concerned about is the one who has not yet been identified to law enforcement, the one who has not yet offended but will. Reason is often the first casualty in a rush to judgement.

Posted by The Voice Of Reason (not registered) on May 31, 2006 01:56 AM

You all make good points but you need to remember not all SO are the same what about the young man who is 19 dating is 17 yo girlfriend and goes to prison or how about the 18 year old that I know who was lied to by his gf and when he learned the truth, broke off the relationship she lied again and ruined his life. Believe it or not Sex Offenders make up a very small portion of the arrests made in Oregon there are far more Drug Addicts, Woman Beaters, Drunk Drivers, and thieves than there are SO This idea of a registry is like using a giant meat cleaver to perform brain surgery. This is a fair and just country and while I agree that we need to protect our little ones we need to be fair, I want to know about the Drug Addict and the Woman Beater as much as the SO and if you have a problem with that then it is unfair and unjust to make them register. If you have any INSITE not aimless ramblings based on emotion instead of logic e-mail me at

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 17, 2006 03:30 PM

I'm a mother whose 6 year old son just told us in October that a family friend (15 years old) molested him. We've since learned that he has molested at least 5 other boys. We live in a small town. This boy got the strictest punishment the law allowed. Yes, he got 10 whole days in jail and has to take sex abuse classes. He also has been suspended from school for threatening to kill someone and has a restraining order on him from his ex-girlfriend. You would think this boy would be closely monitered, but instead he attends South High unsupervised unless he'll be around kids under 12. What a joke!!

Posted by the boogie man (not registered) on Jun 25, 2006 01:30 PM

ok hello out there im a "sex offender" as society likes to call me i was with a 17 yr old girl i was 19 we dated we had sex and her mom was ok with it.she and i had a concentuial relationship. once i had been told by the cops to now see her anymore i never did and i got married my wife loves me and we have a beautiful little girl together. im not justifyiny what happined but because of her age society says im a rapeist. i dont belive i am. i have since then moved on from then with my wife and child. so before you all assume we are all bad guys and yes girls dont judge us like you we make mistakes some are forgiveable most are not.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 30, 2006 11:29 PM

Thank God the list is out. One by one they die.

Posted by nathan (not registered) on Jul 06, 2006 03:36 PM

it cost my wife money to get a list of sex offenders in are area. what a joke. the only way we'll get this list online is when someone wants to win an election. its the same theory cottage grove police/city use. we dont get speed bumps or stop signs in areas until a kid gets nailed. ive always thought its better to be proactice then wait til someone gets hurt or molested. then again a lot of priest are the ones we should be watching out for.

Posted by x/s/o (not registered) on Jul 08, 2006 08:41 PM

Most likely the best way to protect your children is to talk to them. And as you say, be proactive to a degree. Remember, most offenders are in the family or are close friends of the family.

I just cannot believe all the parents that are scared to death about this today. Kids used to walk to school, sometimes a mile each way. They were warned not to take candy or a ride with strangers. Certainly offenders where around, but parents weren't narotic. Somehow, I think the Dept. of Justice has everyone running around in pure fear...and it sure does give wonderful grants to the local state police to keep the fear going. We need to start dealing with this illness with methods of "identifying" potential offenders and demanding treatment programs to prevent reoffense.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Jul 08, 2006 09:35 PM

I was under the impression (from television) that I could just go to my computer and ask to see where in my city sex offenders are living. Either it is hard to find, and I haven't yet found it, or I have to give my life history to be able to access it. This is not right. Now I see why some parents are caught as if they are blind to a preditor that lives next door. I can't believe my state is that way.

Posted by Justin (not registered) on Jul 09, 2006 10:26 PM

Most people acused of a sex crime will be over 95% chance convicted. You can't convict a person of any crime that I know of in Oregon by here-say except a sex crime. I know this first hand cause I'm dealling with it. But the sad part is what goes on after the courts. I've sat with some dangerously deranged individuals who are allowed way to much trust and freedom because they will simply say, "Yes, I have a problem. Would you please fix me?" Yet they go on to commit more crimes of the nature that put them in the system. It's a sad and sick system, people constantly slip through cause the system doesn't care. But if you are one of the others who made a youthfull mistake, or simply upset a woman who understands that the law works for her, good luck. Because the system want you to be a good offender and admit you have a problem or they will make your life difficult. Before the women get upset about some of my comments, I know a 18yr old male who is the father of a 34yr old womans child. He was 16yr old when she got pregnant. The State of Oregon has sought child support from him since his son was born before he was 17 for a woman in her 30's. He is now incarsurated for having dumped his 16yr old gf after turning 18. Some people would consider the age difference between 32 and 16 more disturbing then 16 and 18 but the woman is always a victim and apparently not always so with a man. I'm a father of 3 boys and understand peoples feellings and believe I have them stronger since I've met the dangerous S.O's in just one part of Oregon and I am scared for my kids. But I've also seen the people who will have ruind lives because people are more concerned with convictions then proper evaluations and treatment of S.O's. I'm one of those people and I don't want pity, I want people to be more educated and less ignorant of what are system is doing. Get mad, but not at all who are acused, but at the system for allowing the seriously disturbed to roam are streets and neighborhoods with little to no supervision or notification because they have said, "I have a problem, please fix me." and continue the same behavior that makes them a S.O and a threat to are children. Thanks to my friend for posting this for me, since haveing internet access is a crime for any on parole or probation of a sex crime. You rock Phil

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jul 13, 2006 03:03 AM

The state of Oregon launched a Web site Thursday, June 29. Unfortunately, you can only check within a one mile radius.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jul 13, 2006 04:25 PM

I think all of these individuals should register as part of there release. I also think no matter what crime they commited, the state should notify its citizens that they are living in our communities so we can safe guard ourselves accordingly.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jul 13, 2006 04:29 PM

Here is the link to the database for anyone to see, please read the agreement before you enter.

Posted by ghost (not registered) on Jul 16, 2006 01:38 AM

I would like to say that every sex offender is not the same. Most people when they look at a website read into things and want to think that a person that is with a 15 year old when they are 18 is the same as someone that goes and molest children in the crib. In the early 1900's there was nothing wrong with the fact of a older man being with a younger woman. Now I am not saying that it is ok for a 30 year old man to be with a 12 year old girl. No that is wrong. But if people would actually do some research and find out that the chance for a sex offender to reoffend is actually not as high as you are made to think. If you went to FBI sites and stuff like that you would see that the rate is lower than most people want you to think. I am not saying that it is not good to know about SO. But the fact remains when you are through with your time you have paid your debt to society. What more do you want. Should a SO get punished over and over agian and like it has already been said not be able to live a poductive life? One of the things that lead to a sex offense is the non ability to function is society. So should a SO be contiously harrassed and be ridiculed so that everyones worse fears come true? When someone looks at the registry they see a sex offender lives next to them. Then judge him and then they persecute him. That leads down the road for the person to commit another sex offense. I understand the thought of not wanting to have children around a sex offender. But society needs to learn the difference in the charges and not think that all sex offenders touch children. Educate yourself first then make a judgement call. But what about the person that murders a child? Or one that sells dope to kids? When a child is murdered that child or person is gone forever no second chances nothing. I know that it is not much but at least you will get to see your child or love one. And as for selling drugs, they are cut so much these days that you never know if your child will die from 1 hit or 200. People need to think about these things before they get on the sex offender band wagon and be like " Sex offenders are the only thing in this world that can hurt my child oh boy got to know where they are". Treament is not a garuntee that a sex offender will never reoffend. The levels and preadatory is all crap to. A level 1 can reoffend just as easily as a 3 or a preadtor. So think about that before everyone gets all worked up.

Posted by ghost (not registered) on Jul 16, 2006 01:45 AM

Here is a link that goes directly to the department of justice (FBI) that gives the real truth on sex offenders and the reoffense rates. So lets take a look and then lets sit there and think about it for a minute. Everyone wants to get pissed off and bash people on this site and get all worked up. The percentages for drugs and murder are alot higher so think about thatand then start wanting to destroy someones life that has done ther time. Here is the link

Posted by Pissed & Tired!! (not registered) on Jul 17, 2006 04:55 AM

We should stone them all to death in a public square there is no reform!! They do not rehabilitate and they destroy lives. They take tax payer money any way yoou look at it. They did not like what was done to why do they perpetuate the pain, suffering, and humiliation? Send them back to Satin!!

Posted by GHOST (not registered) on Jul 17, 2006 06:16 PM

I see that no one is going to change that is on this site. It is the same old stuff being said sometimes changed but the same for the most part. No one wants to take the time to sit and think before they run there mouth or they act. I teach my daughter and my son to think before they act. I want to learn all the facts before I make a decision. Everyone is so worried about SO's that they neglect there own lives and the ones around them. Everyone takes money from the tax payers. People in prison, state agencies all that. So is there any other excuses to get mad and bash SO's? jeez look at all the other stuff in the world and worry about that also instead of harping on a dead horse.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jul 21, 2006 09:04 PM

Oregon very aggressive of Sexual offenders, but what about SMOKING offenders. When is OREGON going to get aggressive and go NON smoking.? LAST On the East cost again. TSK TSK TSK

Posted by To Pissed and Tired: (not registered) on Jul 25, 2006 02:24 AM

I agree that we should go back to stoning people in the public square. That is a fantastic idea. They used to do that along time ago, I remember reading about it somewhere...oh yeah, the bible. Then Jesus said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Posted by Amie (not registered) on Aug 07, 2006 09:00 PM

Barbara where in the darn heck did you get your percentage of 85% that are sex offenders in Oregon's prisoners. That is so ludicrious it's amazing. That is what is wrong with our prison system in this country, so many facts that are untrue. For instance, that prisoners have computers to use. Jeez. How can you blame them for being so pissed off when they get out that they never try to be law abiding citizens again. You know, there are "effects of incarcation", and it's mostly bad. My vote now is for Mexico, because they are not spending such an enormous amount of money locking up drug users and going for the big ones. No I am not a drug user, a college student.

Posted by Josh's Mom (not registered) on Aug 20, 2006 09:07 PM

Why does everyone feel the need to "protect the rights" of these pervs?

They have raped, molested, and ruined the lives of enough children. Rehabilitated? Who cares? Trying to move on? Who cares? You tell me who is going to give their victims a second chance to lead a normal life?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 22, 2006 06:51 PM

Josh's Mom:

This question is for you. Did you ever, or do you know any one who had sex before age 18? Then the person is a sex offender (a "perv" in your own words, according to the laws. So, now tell me whether the people you have counted (or may be yourself) - the "pervs" should have their rights protected. Remember, when you point a finger at one person, four of your fingers are pointing right back at you.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 03, 2006 06:39 PM

Bethany wrote that she's worried that her child attends a preschool in which a registered sex offender lives less than 1 block away from and that it has come to her attention that they are not making him (the sex offender) move because he is an informant for the local Police department! Bethany asks "What about my childs safety?"

Well Bethany,

According to statistics, your child is 95% more likely to be molested by your husband (or boy friend), her uncles, brothers, cousins, family friends or teachers than the sex offender a block away. So, start from your own house in protecting your daughter and spend 5% of your efforts worrying about the sex offender. We all must become wiser in protecting our children - looking where we should look.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 26, 2006 11:58 AM

Ah...thank you. For the longest time the hysteria frightened me. The villagers were at the castle door with pitchforks and torches. It seemed like every day brought a new fear.

But You are fools. Now you flood your registries with romeo and juliet crimes, your federal government pays the states based on how many people they have on their registry - which leads to some laughable results Ohio now has a new law where you can be put on the registry without being convicted, charged, or even sued (don't worry, its not punishment, just public safety and thus not subject to due process, and the person can petition after 6 years). You know those "slippery slope" arguements everybody always makes? Well, the "slippery slope" isn't a threat - its a reality. A number of states have instituted registries for other crimes (drug use, etc) You allow children on the registry, you allow hearsay into your courtrooms, you have dumped due process, you have whored the principles of this country out of fear. And for what?

Posted by Kristal (not registered) on Jan 29, 2007 12:30 PM

To who posted a comment on march 13 -06, you are sick and im glad you are being somewhat punnished. But it is still not enuf! It is funny how you can tell us how you feel people should not all be judjed, but you still did not tell us what your desperate guy did. you must be desperate as well to be with someone that hunts for the weak. my daughter will continue to be watched over more than i should have to because once you are a sex offender always a sex offender! Treatment my butt! Why do they repeat if it works? Enjoy your punnishment and believe me! you will always be looked at that way.Call me cold because i am just like all the bodies found lifeless in the bushes!COLD

Posted by concerned citizen (not registered) on Mar 10, 2007 04:22 PM

an easy to find listing of sex offenders by area should be available 24/7 so people can see the list of names and pictures of sex offenders and areas sex offenders are registered or live in. example a sex offender localy here in umatiila/morrow county area refuses to give anyone his last name so we can be sure of what type of risk persons and children around him are in.also his stories of acounts is filled with holes and doesn't quite make since. how can a person find out about someone like that if there is no names and pictures list available for citizens to use for their and theirt childrens safety.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 17, 2007 10:40 AM

i'm sorry but when they do come out they will still pray on our children i'm sorry to say this but i'm a person that has daughters and i dont want them to get hurt cause of some guy who cant keep his pants up front of children

Posted by Related to a sex offender (not registered) on Apr 30, 2007 10:14 PM

Sex offenders are the ones who don't want their information on websites. They have worked very hard to NOT PAY THE CONSEQUENCES for what they've done. I am discusted that our government would rather protect a bunch of perverts, than some innocent children. These creeps deserve to pay for what they do to children, for the rest of their lives. The victims and their families have to pay for it for the rest of their lives. The oregon government needs to do something!!!!

Posted by angie (not registered) on May 02, 2007 11:15 AM

Hello everyone! I live in a very small like cul-de-sac and I have just learned that my 52 year old has been exposing himself to my 8 year old daughter and the other girls in the neighborhood. The girls had told another parent (including mine) who chose not to believe them. So after about 2 weeks of this she finally spied herself and witnessed him doing it. So she called the police and filed charges. I have a couple of problems with this- we were not home at the time of the charges so can I file seperate charges on him? Also, he is only being charged with public indecency misdameanor 4 (nothing), shouldn't it be a more severe charge considering the age of the girls? There had been rumors in the area that he had molested a little girl in the past that soon moved away, so I know he is a bad man. I seem to be more upset than my daughter but it disgusts me cause I know that it will only led to more seriuos crimes from him. Can I also get some type of restraining order on him? P.S. We live right down the street from the school.

Posted by Concerned (not registered) on May 03, 2007 08:04 AM

Most of you people don't have a clue. Forget about websites, pictures and other various data. America's newest boogyman is the '"sex offender" and don't look no further than your own yard. It's the people you already know who are your biggest threat. Safety starts at home so quit pointing fingers at the unknown and just live your life.

Posted by Hexgirl on May 03, 2007 01:49 PM


Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on May 04, 2007 04:04 AM

Regardless of whether the offender is on the lose or in prison they should still be on the website. I was engaged to a sex offender, knew it from the start. I trusted him with my life and my children, let me tell you was that a mistake. I chose to believe his story that him and his underage girl friend got caught having sex by her parents. Well after 3 years of defending and standing up for those labels of sex offenders who just had sex with his gf, he got mad at me and raped me. So tell me why should any of them be looked at judged or anything else any differently. That is why the crime should be posted UP TO DATE on the website. If he was out today to date or roam the streets the girl wouldn't have any idea he did anything. 4 years later his crime is still not updated. I know one thing I would not put one of my children in the hands of an offender just because he swears he was falsely accused, would u? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU DID TO GET THAT LABEL IT FITS

Posted by Oldtimer on May 08, 2007 07:16 PM

It sounds like you put this guy in prison? There are all kinds of offenders lumped onto the same registry. Even the feds are taking a look at this listing problem. HOWEVER, when you run into an offender that re offends, you have a real problem. Keep an eye on him. If he isn't treated he may do it again. Hopefully, the "system" will correct his thinking before he is out of prison this time. Please do not give up on mankind, because of this bad apple.

Posted by Kirby (not registered) on May 22, 2007 09:48 AM

Maybe you guys should start looking at the links on the site rather than blog about it. If you follow the link at the top of this page, and then click on the tab that says map offenders you will get what you are looking for. Since that will take a matter of seven seconds and you do not have time for that here is the direct link to the map.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on May 24, 2007 08:40 PM

We are aware there is a sexual offender living at a particular address and that he is registered. However, when I mapped him at our next door address, the program reporte there were NO offenders within a 1 mile radius or the address, in Bend, OR.

Would someone please put a priority on updating the data base when an offender moves to a specific location?? Is this input by the Adult Parole and Probation, or the local law enforcement agency?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 12, 2007 06:43 PM

if oregon can post pics/ all the 411 of a someone that breaks the law-from sexual assualt to drinking and driving, they why is such a big deal to do the same for ppl who chose to make a decision that indirectly/directly affected themsleves, the VICTIM, their families, and everyone in their surrounding communities?! its not. why is ANYONE trying to protect those kinds of ppl in any sort of way. they made a life changing decison, they know whats right, and what wrong, so why is that theyre getting it easy?? if oregon jails can post pics of the other stupid offenders who chose to break the law, then oregon can post pics of the sickos who chose to break the law. its NOT any different, and everyone knows it. its a peace of mind for the victims, their families, and anyone who lives in those communities...

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 14, 2007 01:55 AM

I was the victim of RAPE, the man that raped me is walking free in the same town I just moved back into. He has all the rights but what about me.......Based on what happened it seems I was not the first but they do not do any noifications to neighborhoods or schools. If I was to notify families or schools in the area I would be at risk of being prosecuted??? He is not high risk so he is not listed by picture in Marion County. Will someone please help or we will see more victims of his in the future!!!!!

Posted by Hexgirl on Jun 14, 2007 09:15 PM

Honestly that is the way the State works, and as hard to understand as it is, there really is nothing yet anyone can do. I know I have been fighting the State going on almost two years now. Nothing makes since except the wrongly accused pay, the true offenders do not get sh@@it, and the vic.. are just that in the eyes of the State. I wish I could give you better advise, but I want to be truthfull to you, and not have you lyed too, like I and my family was when our son was molested. The State will promise you the World, and this, and that, but in all Honestly you will always have a question mark of anything they say, or do, because its nothing they will tell you. Trust Me. Good Luck Tammy (Hexgirl)

Posted by mhammonds on Jun 19, 2007 09:43 PM

Just wait until your husband or son is convicted for something totally innocent and they chase you and haunt you until you can't take it anymore.

Posted by Lauri (not registered) on Jun 20, 2007 07:41 PM

I have a question. Where do find out information about a minor sex offender? The age of 15 to be exact and in the state of Oregon.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Jun 21, 2007 02:24 AM

thank you bethany(2005) i just read what you wrote on the site and is great! it's free and i got several names in my area! i have not been able to get any predator info from anywhere else for free. thank you again, and i'm telling everyone i know about the site!

Posted by Michigan4Life on Jun 22, 2007 01:47 PM

Ok people... Lets look at the big picture here. We do need to protect the children for CHILD MOLESTERS! However, not everyone that is on the SOR is a CHILD MOLESTER, which brings me to my point to follow... You may have 35,000 registered offenders of those 35,000 maybe 3000 of them pose a threat to a child thats only about 11.6% off the registered offenders. What we need to do is get the SOR and the laws to be uniform nation wide. We need to do a better job of protecting the children, we as parents need to do a better job of being involved in our childrens lives. 85% percent of Offenders who get treatment never re-offend. So a little better than the 2500 would be consider less likely to re-offend.

Posted by Hexgirl on Jun 22, 2007 08:56 PM

I think the Offenders who hurt a child should be reg... and that where thry live should be known, for the pro... of your children, and grandchildren. The ones who are in the teenage years and have been labled as a offender do not need to number one be called that, or should have to reg... The sadd part is even if you are a offender and your sex act was both agreeable, your still going to be reg.. and other people let known of the name and not really the fact you did nothing wrong, except making a parent get madd. There is so many twists and turns too this whole offender, preditor, sexual abuser type its sicking for the inn... offenders, and for the familys, as well as for the true vic... of offenders, preditors, ans their familys. It seems like the inn. pay more then the gulity offenders do. I used to think all offenders are bad, until i opened up and saw more then hafe of the offenders are teenagers that know what to say no means, and yes means, with parents who fail to understand their child went along with the sex as well as the other person. I think there should be a age honestly where the judge can say look they have hormons, they acted out on them no one is at fault, because it honestly is not a offender lable.

focus on the true offenders who moleste a child and give them the lable of a preditor, or a offender. Tammy (HexGirl)

Posted by just moved here (not registered) on Jul 14, 2007 02:28 AM

when I lived in cali, they had a great sex offender site. all I had to do is put in the zip code and I got a map of the whole town in which I can zoom in or out and see all the sex offender dots. aFter clicking on a dot, you get a pic of the offender along with all his offenses listed. You kinda got a sence of where he lived in the nieghborhood but they never truely gave his address, which is fair enough, that offender did his time, but at least I know what he looks like, or she. I do believe an offender has a right to privacy and no harassment after time served.

Anyway, i move here and I cant get anything! What the hell? the site asks me for my address and everytime I put one in, it says it is not recognized. Come on! why cant we just put in a zip code and get a map????? the site also states that it will only show a 1 mile radius. this is rediculous since many residents are so rural and offenders are not limited to only 1 mile!!!!!!

please --some officer or law enforcement or somebody who knows, tell me i was on the wrong site and there is a better site?

Posted by Oldtimer on Jul 14, 2007 08:43 PM

If you are really scared, go to:

Posted by Judge Roy Bean, reincarnate (not registered) on Jul 19, 2007 02:27 PM

I am a therapist in Portland. All of my study of this population over the years tells me their crimes come out thier fundamental personality and that is not modifiable. Their crimes are not "behaviors" that "spring up" from stresses, etc. They do not suddenly decide one day that they are going to commit sex crimes. This is their sexuality. It is a heinous linkage of hatred of women (just speaking of the male rapist/abiser now) and sex identity that gets created in them at an early age. Possibly some of this can be genetic inherited as well. Their sex drive is to do violence to women. It allows them to give vent to their hatred of women, need to debase them. It is their sexual identity set in stone. Sex "treatment" only "works" to the extent that it trains them to respond to EXTERNAL controls. The rest of what works to keep these cretins from continuing to victimize innocent people is incarceration, long term closely supervised probation and a strong community that will not tolerate any less control over these "people." I have trained under a couple of top nationally recognized psychiatrists and psychologists. This gave me a clear and deep insights into

the nature of personality and behavior. Sex offenders remain a risk to society for LIFE. They need to receive much longer prison terms and lifetime probation if and when released. Many states are just too easy on these predators. I have worked with many victims of what is now termed sex "abuse" or sexual "assault." I guess the legal system needed to be more specific. RAPE is the operative term here people when there is a crime beyond touching of some sort. That leaves no doubt in people's mind as to what happened and it labels the perp accurately.

My client victims of sex crimes are irrevocably damaged for LIFE as are all victims. Why isn't the criminal given a similar legal sentence? Too much of our criminal justice systems seems to be justice for criminals. I have worked with felons of all kinds as well and I can tell you, with some exception for the first time offenders of small time misdemeanors, the rest "are what they are."

Posted by Oldtimer on Jul 19, 2007 10:43 PM

It seems incomprehensible to me that you can be a therapist with sex offenders. If one looks around this site, or the internet in general,

they will find all kinds of reference to treatment and techniques that have worked with offenders. Saying they can't change their behavior is a lie. I have contact with many who have reformed or refrained from deviant behavior. (IMHO) You have found yourself working in a position in which you lack qualifications.

Posted by jon (not registered) on Jul 25, 2007 02:31 AM

My freind is a SO, known him 13 yrs. He does not deserve to be on a list or website. He cried when he told me, never seen that before. I have read his 200 page file..I insisted, I could not believe it. He was 14 when it happend and was what most have all done,playing doctor.It happend a couple times, the victim mentioned it at church during the "private areas" talk. He told police everything, a year later was arrested. He was 18 and facing 10 years in prison. Just out of basic training,He took plea,180 days in jail and 6 yrs on probation. The Army let him stay, Honorably Discharged after 6 yrs. Had to complete yrs of treatment and pay money for tests/therapy-passed. Married now, he has a child of his own. He doesn't deserve this..he was a child himself. He was taken from his family at age 1 by the state and placed in foster care until 6. His first 6 yrs spent with people being paid by this state, and molesting him. 1 foster mother and 2 foster parents children molested him repeatedly, locked him in closets, and physically abused him. The state never provided counseling. I told him to get a lawyer and go after the state, but they are protected from suits after 2 yrs. It is sad. He is a good guy and any who see the list never know the rest of the story. It effects his employment, housing, family, etc. Part of his therapy was writing the victim an apology. I thought it was too much, he was only mirroring what had happend to him. She wrote back and said the whole thing was blown out of proportion and she forgave. She understood why it happend. Each and Every state should handle on case by case basis. He should not have to register. Convcited over 10 years ago, he can't even work in many careers just because of this. The Army knew about it, gave him a gun, told him to defend this country, he did. I trust him with my kids. He has done his time, it should be done with. Rapists, Perverts, those people are the ones who should be on lists. But, just because a SO lives next door means nothing. I never let my child around anyone I don't know. I supervise my childern. Another friend of mine is in Law and says most abuse occurs from someone the victim knows. If you are worried about SO, look at who you know. Make sure your children know stranger danger. I feel bad for victims of abuse. He should be able to do something to help fight abuse, or help others, he told me his dream was to help others. Wait..he can't do that because he is a SO.

Posted by Oldtimer on Jul 25, 2007 09:27 PM

Jon...write your state representatives and those in congress. Let them know what you think. This is being done to your friend because the legislature thinks everyone wants SO punished across the board.

Posted by Donald (not registered) on Jul 26, 2007 12:15 AM

I just want to say as a father that there are different kinds of sex offenders there are those that target children,men,women and senior citizens so not all offenders attack children lets get that straight. I want you all to read a article in the sunday oregonian 07/22/07 because these boys by what I've read on most of these post you would have locked up forever or stoned to death the hystaria runs rampant and the media fuels the fire.

Did you know that in this country you point a finger at someone accuse them of this and they are guilty the state doesn't even have to prove it. Look there is a witch lets burn them at the stake

Posted by kiki (not registered) on Jul 30, 2007 12:07 PM

if somebody is looking at this and it has happened to you. Please try to feel comforted. i myself have been through a sexual assault. i didnt want to talk to anybody. As embarrassing and hurtful as it is to talk when you dont want to, talking can only help you and others around you. the sooner you talk the better and as awful as this sounds the dirtier you are the better. i know this will probably be a "too late post" for a lot of people. But if it reaches that one person that reads it before that night that they go out ill be happier. Advice: dont wash ANYTHING and go immediately to the hospital. If you dont want to say what has happend right it down for a nurse. The sooner the better, the more evidence the better!i havent got any tests back but ive found myself wondering about these tests a lot. The nurse said they can take up to a year. the man could be long gone if it actually does take that long. I LOVE YOU!God loves you! and i care!!!! Ive always cared about you strangers out there. and to those of you that intentially hurt the innocent ill do my best to put you away! If i cant its ten fold my friends!! signed the hunter of the beast!!

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Jul 31, 2007 09:33 AM

how long do we punish them? 17 years, a wife, and 2 kids later, and they should have to suffer for the offenders mistake? HOW LONG?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jul 31, 2007 08:03 PM

Why does anyone need information on non-predatory low-risk sex offenders? As much as i want to protect my children there is such a thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and providing a list of all sex offenders, including ones who are not a risk to society could prove even more damaging to society. Laws are strict and very few sex offenders once in the system will make it out unnoticed if they are not truly a risk. Providing unnecessary information to "those who use it" includes providing it to fanatic groups which could very well just lead to an all-over-all increase in crime. Criminals are people too.

Posted by Oldtimer on Aug 01, 2007 07:51 AM

to jul 31 anon: Have you two ever written your congressmen? They are responsible for these laws, forcing the states to comply. Write them and maybe the laws will finally be rewritten.

Posted by Oldtimer on Aug 04, 2007 10:35 AM

Maybe you are telling the wrong people. Might I direct you to your local state police to discuss this matter?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 23, 2007 11:20 AM

"i don't understand why we dont have a posted site with pictures and locations of these people. can anyone explain to me why this is??"

If they made their addresses and photos public then people would harrass/ threaten/ physically harm them.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Sep 02, 2007 05:07 AM

I have educated my two daughters since they were little about sex offenders and it did no good my girls were still victims. Their offender threanted them by saying they were going to kill me and the rest off their family. So it does no good to educate them about them. I was a victim myself but i was never educated or even told anything about talking to strangers. It was never even brought up in my family neither was turning into a woman or the facts of life. Myself and my children has received years of counseling but it can't take away the scars that the SO left on all of us. So if you all think you know how it feels to be in a victims shoes maybe you all should step back and really try to understand why alot of us have such harsh feelings against So's. As far as i am concerned treatment doesn't work for them because he was supposed to be treated yeah right. As far as I am concerned they all can burn in Hell.

Posted by andrea (not registered) on Sep 03, 2007 10:00 PM

i am a female in her 20 that wanted to make sure i was safe to job in my neighborhood and it was very easy to get that info THANK YOU

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 04, 2007 05:00 PM

So as I said earlier the two boys in redmond at the ages of thirteen should be thrown into jail for 5 yrs register as sex offenders for the rest of there lives for slapping a few girls on the butt on a day known as slap the butt day your saying that there lives should be ruined

Posted by umm (not registered) on Sep 24, 2007 11:02 PM

just a note, but we USED to be able to search for this stuff online, so it's actually been removed within the last several years. i did the search about 3 years ago and could map out my neighborhood- so Oregon has actually gone BACKWARDS.

Posted by Register Them Instead (not registered) on Oct 27, 2007 09:01 PM

I've read most of these comments and am pleased at how many concerned parents feel as I do about this ridiculous sham of a system that is designed from the ground up to protect offenders from being identified. Remember to research the authors of this politically motivated bit of legislative tripe and protest/vote accordingly.

Posted by pearl (not registered) on Nov 08, 2007 11:30 AM

A recent Justice Department report suggests that state sex-offender laws may need revisiting. The study finds former sex offenders are much less likely to be rearrested than other former criminals after their release from prison.

In fact, of the 9,691 men convicted of rape, sexual assault, or child molestation who were released in 1994, only 5.3 percent were arrested for another sex crime after their release. The percentage of those that were actually convicted after their second arrest was down in the 3 percent range. Forty-three percent were rearrested within three years - that contrasts with a rearrest rate of 68 percent for inmates serving time for a variety of other crimes.

Do these statistics undercut the rationale for so-called Megan's laws passed by all 50 states?

Such laws allow the public to know the names and addresses of former sex offenders living nearby. Their name refers to a young New Jersey girl who was raped and murdered in 1994 by a neighbor who had served two prison terms for sexually assaulting children. The girl's parents didn't know his background.

The Justice report raises the question of whether these laws were overreactions to a few high-profile events, rather than reasoned legislation.

At the least, the laws isolate and stigmatize those who have served time for a sex crime - a sort of excess punishment that may unfairly assume all sex offenders will tend toward the same behavior for life.

What's more, the term "sex offender" doesn't include some important distinctions. Many were peeping Toms, whom the law often throws in the same lot with serial rapists and pedophiles.

A large body of evidence shows that most sex offenders are typically people their victims knew. Yet most Megan's laws are directed to warn strangers of the whereabouts of former offenders, usually through a statewide registry and community notification. Such lists can make rehabilitation and reentry into society much more difficult for men (or women) who have paid their penalty.

Posted by pearl (not registered) on Nov 08, 2007 11:45 AM

The article I tried to post was too long so I only printed it in part. If we are going to have a sex offender registry why not a car wreck registry, a murder registry, a thief registry, etc. Sex offender is a broad term and it includes the married couple who had sex in the backseat of their car at a rest stop.. not wise maybe but punishable by law and eligible for the sex offender label. Lets post everyones dirt and pictures and addresses on the internet! I think not. Our time would be better spent getting people treatment in prison since most will be released, getting treatment for victims.. though some offenders dont even have a victim, educating children and parents prevention and yes keeping violent repeat offenders locked up until they are without a doubt rehabilitated.

Posted by Kim (not registered) on Nov 13, 2007 03:16 AM

Hi, I was looking online too to find a face of a man that tryed too get me in his car, on coburg rd tonight! I seen his face on a link under sex offenders, But now I cant find the sight! I looked at everything, and there is nothing on here! I called the police & they done nothing!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Nov 13, 2007 03:18 AM

There really needs too be a link that shows all the sex offenders in the area!!!

Posted by Oldtimer on Nov 13, 2007 10:03 AM

Try here:

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Nov 16, 2007 08:18 PM

I'm more worried about the murderer, wife/child beater, repeat offender, etc next door. Why is no one worried that these people don't need to register. I assume you are all watching your children when they are outside(or maybe you don't care what they are doing in the streets).

Posted by anon (not registered) on Nov 17, 2007 01:41 PM

Its called "Kick the Dog". Americans are stressed right now due to the war etc. So, if you take the lowest of the low...even in prison, you have the sex offender. Its a pecking class. You get everyone to hate and fear the offender and kick him/her when they are down. Then you, as an American feels better about life because you are elevated or "above" the offender.

Besides that, it is a nifty way to move tax money to local police for hiring and computers etc. It works! Now if the police want to protect you, they would also put the other classes on the registry: drunk drivers that kill, parents that kill their children and so forth and so on. Of course this is just an opinion.

Posted by Jaded (not registered) on Dec 10, 2007 12:59 PM

Not all sex offenders are equal. There needs to be a seperation between a violent or predatory sex offender, child molester, and your average sex offense. If you give your 16 year old daughter a condom to keep her from getting pregnant (or worse), you are commiting a sex offense. If you bare a sexual organ in public (Breasts count), you're commiting a sex offense. If a 13 year old plays "Show me yours and I'll show you mine" with someone who's 9, they can be charged with a sex offense. And these will stain your record for your entire life.

Most sex offenders have no care for children. Paedophiles aren't really as common as you might think.

Also, most predatory sex offenders won't go after someone they don't know and don't have constant contact with. My neice was molested by her mother's ex boyfriend, someone they trusted. Someone who was around her all the time and had opportunities to be alone with the child for extended periods of time.

Some guy down the street who might have made a poor choice when he was 20 with a 16 year old probably won't be interested in kidnapping and messing with your child.

And if you don't think the SO treatment classes are enough, put yourself in one.

The reason we don't put up pictures and addresses is because of people who are into vigilante justice. SOs are people too, and have some rights, as long as they don't do anything to further end those rights, we really can't just decide "Oh, he/she's wrong, They need to die." Or what have you.

Posted by cehollon on Dec 14, 2007 12:51 AM

I have read all of the postings and find them interesting. I applaud the postings from the professionals "Deputy and Judge Roy Bean" your comments are from first hand knowledge of a large group of offenders. When I first contacted the law makers regarding our lack of information it was with the true belief that I as a parent have more rights to protect my child than an offender has to hide. Through a difficult process and lawmakers that felt as I do we started the Oregon sex offender website. I caution parents to understand that this is not a complete list... that list can be obtained by contacting the state police directly and requesting it. Although I agree that the website needs to broaden its scope it is a good first step. There will be more legislation introduced in the coming years. I ask all parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to contact your local lawmakers now and voice your opinion. It's amazing to me that one person can make a difference. One parent can say.... I have the right to protect my child and have our elected officials agree. This website also captures rapist of adult women.... A predatory designation is the worse of the worst. Those who will most likely re-offend.

I will probably never realize my goal with working this process, which is to save one child... Just one. I am fortunate in never having been a victim but unfortunate in having seen the devastation that this crime can have on a person’s life. For those of you who ask how long we should hold them accountable for their actions? My answer is… for the lifetime a victim feels the pain.

I am not done with my goal, I will continue to work with the public officials to pass laws to protect our women and children from sexual offenders. I could use your help in the future making calls and talking my friends and family in to doing the same. When you see a news article that brings you to your core as a parent go to this website find your legislator and make a call. It’s easier than you think!

Posted by Oldtimer on Dec 14, 2007 09:47 AM

cehollon: although I agree with some of what you say, I tend to think that this "Judge Roy Bean, reincarnate " is not the professional you should lean on. Don't take my word for it. Just go to other websites like or even the Justice Department of the United States. There you will see the facts and that these people are being steriotyped (in my opinion) by Mr. Bean. The facts are in a variety of studies. Not all offenders must reoffend. Cases vary and identity issues or past offenses to the offender oftentimes lead one to offend. Offenders should NOT be clumped into one class, as I understand Mr Bean, professional, to claim. And, remember, you cannot believe ALL of what people claim on this site. Some things prove to be true, some not. Educate yourself with the FACTS and don't base the solution to this problem on fear. Thanks for your comments.

Posted by cehollon on Dec 14, 2007 06:45 PM

Dear "Old timer". I appreciate your response. The classifications of SO guidelines can be found at the following link:

The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act “SORNA" breaks it down to four levels depending on the severity of the action among other elements. Some violations require prison time while others do not.

I hope that in no means you think I promote vigilantly behavior or prejudice to a broad population. I do believe that those who offend as with any other crime should and need to be held responsible for their actions.

My goal is to simply give parents every tool possible to help educate their children. This education must come at an early age and through out childhood by parents and loved ones.

I have done extensive research on this subject and find that anyone can find data to back up their own beliefs... That is part of the problem. There is no certain or complete answer to this problem. There are no guarantees in the broad picture an offender will not re-offend. The classification process helps determine those most likely to do so.

This issue crosses color, social and economic boundaries. Some simply do not tell until the damage is done!

I do hope that you take a minute and express your thoughts and concerns to your lawmaker. Best Regards

Posted by unknown (not registered) on Dec 22, 2007 10:32 PM

well, to all those who dont know, i do understand that their is a lot of sex offenders out there. it has come to this in our times, the bad thing is that most of the worst offenders are the ones who never get caught. the ones who live their lives free, and in the closed doors of your nieghborhood. but sex offenders comes in many ways. the one who was 18 with a 17 year old. and the one who was 57 with a 10 year old. all of them register, but who should account for the ones who were young and foolish. ( no one) that is why you dont see all of them on online. oregon wants to make sure the ones who need to be on there are online and the ones who made their mistake and choose to live past that and grow, grow....that is what i think. life sucks..

Posted by anonymoua (not registered) on Jan 01, 2008 11:15 AM

my son was victum in the early 80's and I found out about it ine the middle 90's It was to late to press charges so this is the law that protects out kids. the man is still out there. this man is in portland or and owns his bussiness.

Posted by PARENT (not registered) on Jan 02, 2008 04:03 PM

My 14 year old son was messing around with his girlfriend and now has to register as a sex offender. Many people stated that all s.o should register. Why mess up his whole future by registering?

Posted by Oldtimer on Jan 02, 2008 08:15 PM

registering children is sick (IMHO) Lets draw a line here, folks. geez.

Posted by Hex on Jan 02, 2008 09:27 PM

I never could understand why teenagers have to reg... when it is something called hormones they go through? I am not saying it is right at that age, but come on, there is alot more bigger problems they turn their heads from, and look at things like this as a minor should have to reg.. but why is it always the boy, the girl plays a role as well, where is that justice for the boy? And this is coming from a mother who had their child molested by an adult mind you, and I am saying this because I saw the State through my sons process throw the book at these young teenagers, alot harder then the adults who moleste these children, and mine was one.

Posted by Luane (not registered) on Jan 03, 2008 05:14 PM

People who delibratley hurt children are sick and should be accountable for their actions, but not all s.o do not prey on kids. My son (14 yrs) and his girlfriend (16yrs) were doing what most hormone driving teenagers do. (you know who you are) It got pretty heavy but there was no penile penitration, She said no and my son left. It got back to her father-she denied that she willing perticipated. He press charged and now my son may have to register.

His name will be next to those who did unthinkable acts. He will be judged by many. Not ALL that have to register are monsters! I don't agree with his decision-but I honestly feel that he shouldn't have to pay for the rest of his life.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jan 13, 2008 12:21 PM

I want you all to know that Oregon or particuler Union County are witch hunters they can and will convict with no proof of any kind do no invstigation do absolutely nothing to prove thier case would rather destroy a 14 year olds life on hersay and still feel this way after he has passed evaluations in two states and four lie detectors test they would rather convict a innocent than let someone guilty go but they also manipulate the system in there favor the current laws need to be changed the state should have to prove there case the accused should not have to prove his innocents and even if he does they will still convict in LaGrande

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jan 26, 2008 12:53 AM

i am a victim of a sexual predator i belive they should not be allowed to live near any children but wouldnt you know it its where they live near children. all sex offenders should be put on an island out in the middle of the ocean to offend each other.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jan 26, 2008 03:47 PM

To who ever wrote the names of offendewrs in there area. YOU ARE IGNORANT! Do you know the extent of their crimes NO. It does not state ONLY that they are sex offenders. Get a life and find something better to do with your time then ruin peoples life with your close minded judgmental mind. God forbid you EVER make poor judgment in your life and you are living PERFECT. People like you absolulty make me sick and YOU can infact be sued for what you did. It was wrong YOU CAN NOT USE WHO YOU FIND ON THE INTERNET AND HARRASS THEM! READ BEFORE YOU POST! IT IS INFACT AGAINST THE LAW TO USE THE INTERNET AGAINST SOMEONE. I Hope they find you and sue you for everything you have. This just happened in my hometown and the people got sued. You do not know the story's behind each and every offender and what they have done until you do then post! DO YOU KNOW IF THESE ARE PEDIPHILES OR PREDATORS NO! AS IT DOES NOT STATE THAT! THE PEDIPHILES AND PREDATORS ALREADY HAVE TO REGISTER FOR THE REST OF THERE LIVES! THE REST JUST GOR SCREWED.

Posted by Hex on Jan 26, 2008 06:51 PM


Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Feb 02, 2008 02:15 AM

I have a sex offense in oregon.

My older sister molested me for 7 years not to mention the violent abusive parents I had. and i went and molested a younger sister.

I was arrested when I was 21.

I am now in my 40s

I have done nothing to anyone since.

I completed all the treatment.

Do you really think that everyone needs to know about something I did when I was 17?

I forgave those that abused me.

But because I'm a man that did the same thing, I deserve no forgiveness?

I hope others are more forgiving to you and your sins in the past that you are toward me and mine.

Posted by Oldtimer on Feb 02, 2008 12:05 PM

Woman abuse. A nun just got caught for sexual molestation of several boys and her punishment was very light compared to what males are getting. I will try to get them to print the story on here. Society fears the thought that woman/mothers may abuse their children sexually (IMHO) Yet, I find it is the woman who was raped by a brother or father that is pushing the registry so hard. Many of which never turned in their relative and have intense rage against all other offenders today. and so it goes....

Posted by kyle (not registered) on Feb 02, 2008 07:36 PM

F*** every one of u, if u think sex offenders should be shown off on the internet like circus freeks than u must allso think every thife and speeder should be put on the internet to, and i bet u that more than 1/2 of sex offenders learned thair lesson and the real threat is people who u dont think would do somthing like that and probably 1/4 the people who suposavly been sexualy offended were willing i would know frome my frinds who must have been at least 14 having sex with a 21 yo man, a guy who new a girl that was under age that liked an older man that dident like her so she said he had sex with her so now hes demed as a sex offender and his colliges make fun of him, and take this for example, edgar allen poe(had a 13yo wife-his cosin) and if you aggre wih me congrats i like u, otherwise GET A LIFE.

ps:i know i cant spell so... DARK HACK

Posted by Hex on Feb 05, 2008 07:17 PM

I think they should be posted, and the only ones whom feel they should not are the ones who are molesters themselves.

Except the Offenders, who are falsely accused, and charged as one. I do agree that they should not be posted as one, and I mean the ones whom have sex with agreed upon parties, and a parent gets madd, and so fourth. Hopefully one day a Law will pass too where that type of sex act is not cond... being an Offender. or Preditor, and the State can look more clearly upon the True Offenders, and the True Preditors. Tammy (HexGirl)

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Feb 06, 2008 01:03 PM

To the anonymous poster who said: my son was victum in the early 80's and I found out about it ine the middle 90's It was to late to press charges so this is the law that protects out kids. the man is still out there. this man is in portland or and owns his bussiness.

It's not too late!!! I found out in 2003 that my daughter who is now 29 yrs old was molested by my ex husband. Because we thought the statute of limitations was past, we didn't prosecute him. Come to find out this past summer that he bought a house with his girlfriend of 2 years who had a 12 year old daughter. So my daughter called child protective services and lo and behold the statute is until age 30, so he has now been convicted, didn't have to stand trial for something he did 17 years ago, and no jail time. All I know is that he has to see a parole officer every day and I thought he had to be on a registry but doesn't show up on the Oregon registry. So it may not be too late!

Posted by August (not registered) on Feb 22, 2008 08:28 PM

There are people who are sex offenders for peeing in an alley; the guys can't get a job, live anywhere. You will get what you sow and I can't wait to read about it in the paper.

Posted by Hex on Feb 23, 2008 09:51 AM


Posted by lulu on Feb 24, 2008 07:37 AM

A lot of you are saying that you think offenders should not live near children or by a school bus stop.Can anyone please tell me where in the USA,are there not kids or bus stops?????????

So where are these people supposed to live????

Posted by anonymous. (not registered) on Feb 24, 2008 11:17 AM

what a buunch of fear mongers we have become.....wait I think i just saw aa ghost.....oh my god. Where's the kids?

Posted by Buttomfly on Feb 24, 2008 02:16 PM

The problem is the list has gotten so large because not everyone on it

should be there. Now you have to decide which ones are really to stay

clear of. Leave it up to the beauracracy to create a mess like this.

Posted by Oldtimer on Feb 24, 2008 09:16 PM

lulu: where to live? Many states have found the "residency laws" to violate their states constitution and have thrown out this 1000 foot law. Other states keep it, because they know that no one right out of prison has the resources to fight the state regarding the constituionality. Some in our society just think this is the greatest. I for one, do not. When anyone "does the time" for their crime, they (IMO) should be allowed to rebuild their lives and hopefully be a better citizen. The rock throwers often live in glass houses, themselves. There is a pecking order with all crime, with offenders being at the bottom as far as crime goes. Nonsense, of course. He will have to overcome these social consequences and you can help him remain straight and strong. Good luck with it.

Posted by Bernie (not registered) on Mar 04, 2008 06:17 PM

I just found out a sexual predator is moving in next door! Our houses are so close we can spit on each other. What's a sexual predator anyway?!!! What do I do?!!! Help, please, somebody tell me what to do!

Posted by Oldtimer on Mar 05, 2008 10:11 AM

Oh, Bernie! Cut it out! First knock off the panic. Second, he has the right to live where he wants. (IMO) I suggest you go on with YOUR life and mind your own business, UNLESS you happen to see this individual do something illegal according to your state's registry law. It is obvious that television sensationalism has made you neurotic...just a bit? Get on with your own life, eh?

Posted by Bernie (not registered) on Mar 05, 2008 11:28 AM

Oh my God! A sexual predator apologist. Unbelievable! I found out what it means, dude. I now know what it takes to get a lifetime membership in the creepy people's club, and it's really not that easy. Requires effort and great suffering! So I'll never be comfortable with this guy living next door to me - ever! On the other hand, since you seem to care about his wellbeing so very much, why don't you take him, instead? Heck, take them all! You can create your own perverted little city and live happily ever after because there's enough predators, not to mention sexual offenders, in Oregon alone, to do just that. But don't be too disappointed when the Welcome Wagon chooses not to show up.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Mar 19, 2008 07:16 PM

Lets just brand large leters on their foreheads or burn them. i mean why not. they can't work. they can't find homes, they cant get an education given the current laws. when in fact most (93%)offences are commited by family members. it's so counter productive.

Posted by jessica (not registered) on Mar 20, 2008 05:49 PM

I think they should have it free to see all sex offenders for those who cant aford that extra $10 and for the victoms and there famliys to see andfor all men and women that have kids them self

Posted by hal (not registered) on Mar 20, 2008 05:54 PM

I think that its not far that the goverment pay for them to get houseing they dont help alot of us but they can help someone that has harmed a child. that so WRONG. they should all have bigger and werst punishment than thaey get

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 21, 2008 05:31 AM

this is bull---- for alot of the people on this site. I am one of them 18 yrs ago, 3 months after I graduated high school I was arrested for dating a freshman 15 yrs old. sexual contact mind you. never even had sex with her and i have to spend the rest of my life with my picture on this f---- thing and have it haunt me until i die. my parents were the same age when they were married 50 years ago in aug. i have a college degree that is worthless because of this shit. try and get a good job with your picture plastered all over the internet. i have children and some of these people should be on here. this should not be a requirement to every person convicted of a sex crime it should be court ordered in every case if the person is a threat to society. I mean come on lifetime parole for something you did when you were a kid yourself?

Posted by Hex on Mar 21, 2008 09:16 PM



Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 30, 2008 07:21 PM

More then 75% of the Sex Offenders in oregon are just registered for bogus reasons, like 16 year old/18 year old male agreeing to have sex with the 16 year old doesn't have the ability to concent. Alot of them didn't even know it was against the law and didn't know the consequences, and as for the real Sex Offenders, they're all locked up, or in treatment and too scared to reoffend.

You people must be stupid and watch way to much TV if you're actually scared of sex offenders in oregon.

I'm not backing up child molesters or rapists, most SO's are just on statuatory charges from when they were 18, and have never reoffended.

Posted by Hazel (not registered) on Apr 04, 2008 02:07 AM

Maybe we should be more concerned with watching our children and less concerned with organizing a witch hunt?

Posted by Renee (not registered) on Apr 04, 2008 02:23 AM

Posted by: Hex on February 05, 2008 at 07:17 pm

"I think they should be posted, and the only ones whom feel they should not are the ones who are molesters themselves. "

Wrong! Some of us are counselors, some of us realize that everyone is human, and some of us take responsibility for watching our families, and watching our own a**es. I'm a counselor at a home for juvenile sex offenders, some of whom have earned that label for statutory (18 and 15), one for public urination (YES, that does earn you an SO label), etc. Sure, many are bona fide SO's. Is that a reason to fear?

Statistics prove that the biggest danger to you and your children is someone you KNOW, not some fairy tale boogey man.

Posted by Oregonsbluesky on May 02, 2008 09:54 PM

What disturbs me in Linn County, Oregon is the growing cases of "revenge rape". that the district attorney pursues in allegations made by teenage girls. It is the same old story. Mom & Dad allows their teenage daughter to date boys usually between the ages of 17-19 years of age. When daughter gets mad because boyfriend ends the relationship he then becomes a rapist or sexual predator. Daughter then moves on to date her next boyfriend, again between the age of 17-19 years old and then the allegations begin again. I know of one teen age girl that made 5 sexual allegations in one year. One rape, one pornography (because she sent naked pictures to herself via picture messaging to boys and decided to only prosecute one though, the one she was mad at of course.) and two allegations at school that boys "touched her" and one allegation against of her sisters husband. The school officials jumped on the accusations and the district attorney/police sucked it all up. When informed of her previous allegations the police response was, "Dont care and dont want to hear about it". Law enforcement does not care about the facts in a case. If these boys are being prosecuted, what about the parents allowing it. It is time for parents to accept responsibility and stop blaming. Whether parents want to believe it or not your 16 year old daughter does know what she it doing, just go online and see what they post on my space on their own free will. If a 16 year old is considered responsible enough to drive and work they should know that it is not okay to send naked pictures of yourself to boys and should have charges brought against themselves for child pornography. Yes there are predatory sex offenders that violate young children and adults and they should be held accountable. But ruining the life of a young person because of "revenge rape" is uncalled for, because they are the real victims.

Posted by Anon (not registered) on May 18, 2008 03:35 AM

What a sad bunch of balless people you are. Harney county does nothing to protect the victims of sexual molestation from having to face their molestors on a daily basis. BurnsHines is a small town and victims have had to provide their own documentation to the police to get a violation of a restraining order enforced. NOt to mention you can't find any of the "registered" sex offenders on the website like youa re supposed to.

Something is wrong in Harney County.

I think they should be put in a special work camp or something anyway.....or perhaps just taken out back and shot. that goes double for the pigs who can't enforce the laws in this county as well.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 07, 2008 03:25 AM

Judge Roy Bean, reincarnate (not registered) on July 19, 2007 at 02:27 pm posted his comment. He claims to be a "therapist in Portland." He asserts that his "client victims of sex crimes are irrevocably damaged for LIFE as are all victims."

Well I must say from the results that you have seen in your "clients" that you must be a very terrible and highly unsuccessful "therapist". Most therapists and national statistics report success both for a majority of offenders who are willing to receive therapy, as well as victims. May I humbly suggest that you voluntarily suspend your practice as a "therapist" because you may actually be the one who is the way of your clients' recovery. You may contact other therapists to help train you on how to work with both offenders and victime to start seeing success.

Sex offense victims have already gone through a lot. To be further damaged by your "therapy" is inexcusable. That is inhumane and the worst injustice for them. Please, please, please, pleeeeease stop victimzing them any further. You may be like a bad teacher who doesn't have any student that passes, or a doctor who records 100% death for all his patients.

Posted by LilyWright on Jun 09, 2008 09:21 AM

After reading everyone's comments, everybody made a good point. I feel all adults are responsible to keep our youth safe. We need to teach our children safety. Good touch, bad touch. The word molestation and what it is. We have to tell our children that yes, Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie, Uncle even Santa Claus can molest them. We need to be vigilant. No it is not a pleasant subject and I'm sure alot of people out there can't/aren't comfortable talking to their children about molestation. But in order for this to stop or slow to crawl it needs to be brought out to the open it's been hidden and shushed for too long. I get so mad when I watch the news and hear people say when someone in their neighborhood has been murdered or raped or attacked and people in the neighborhood say, Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening here in my neighborhood, now we have to lock our doors, our kids can't go outside and play, we will be moving. I start screaming at my television saying you stupid idiots you should have been doing this all along. No neighborhood is safe. No neighborhood is free of murder, rape, attacks of any kind. You must teach your child SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY.

Posted by Heather (not registered) on Jun 13, 2008 07:09 AM

Errr is spelled like this,maybe you should find a dictionary!So that you can spell LITTLE,don't knock others when you can't even spell.And if you look at tree's with lust in your eyes,you have a HUGE problem???? Get help or can't you find the #?

Posted by AngryMom3106 on Jun 13, 2008 02:30 PM

My daughter was the victim of molestation. This scum-bag plead guilty. My question is why the hell aren't the victims notified immediately once the offender is released from jail? Also isn't it required by law that if you are convicted of a sex offense that you must as required by the court, register as a sex offender? This jerk hasn't he never complied with the courts regarding any requirements the Judge demanded. Now this guy is in the wind. Why are the victims the ones who have to endure this constant agony???

Posted by Oldtimer on Jun 13, 2008 08:14 PM

angry mom: If HEX is still on here, she might give you some help with to the procedure. Make sure that all this anger you have, is not from feelings of guilt. It is the offender who violated and the guilt is on him. IMO Meanwhile, I suggest you get your daughter (and possibly yourself) some help with this, by getting counseling, so that you can move forward with your lives. If you feel this man is not complying with the law, have a talk with your local police on this. Killers released from prison aren't on a registry either. Can you imagine not knowing they have moved in next door? And so it goes...

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 20, 2008 09:30 AM

he who is without sin cast the first stone. I bet everyone that hears the words sex offender thinks the worst. TV and the news and anyone that wants to get elected will tell you what they want you to hear. fact is over 90% never reoffend. Get your facts before you judge. Go to the oregon website and read and learn then maybe you will feel a bit more safe.

Posted by AngryMom3106 on Jun 28, 2008 05:01 PM

To the above comment " He without Sin " It may matter to you regarding the stats on reoffenses, however, when it comes to it, what if it was your child? Would you still be so forgiving? I bet not. Once an offender ALWAYS an offender.

To the person who responded to my other comment, thank you. I will talk to the police department. I do have a copy of his court record regarding this case and as it turns out he never did any of what the court required him to do. I have also heard some rumors as to his where abouts, which could be prison.( God, I hope so! ) We both are in counseling, though it has been a long road, my little one is strong and brave.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jul 03, 2008 09:32 PM

Oregon sex registration is a joke you are a register SO if you get caught peeing in public ther is innocent people who now registerd SO something needs to be done but never will

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jul 12, 2008 02:06 PM

While you're focusing on a few dozen sex offenders you read about on some Internet site, your husband or clergyman or family friend is focusing on your six-year-old. You will never, ever know the names and faces of all the people who might sexually assault your child.

What makes your children safer is education and supervision. If you're a parent, get off the Internet and go watch your kid. If you don't, someone else will. Someone might not stop at watching. And chances are that someone will be the "respectable" businessman next door or someone you know and trust, not some swarthy character you read about online.

Posted by concerned (not registered) on Aug 10, 2008 12:20 AM

How is it possible for offenders to register an address at a shelter or a mission when you cannot guarantee a space every night? Is this keeping track?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 10, 2008 09:48 PM

I think people should know the whole story first before they start judging people.

I know someone that came home and found their daughter with a boy. A week later she said her dad sexually molested her. There was alot of evidence to prove that he did not do it. But now he was forced to take a plea and is serving 5 years in prison. She was 14 at the time but she was upset with the rules. There are alot of innocent people in prison that do not belong there. People should not judge everyone else without knowing the story

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 20, 2008 07:02 PM

you are all retarded. They do have free sites. you just have to be less specific. use your head. dumb ass's

Posted by James N. (not registered) on Aug 22, 2008 09:41 PM

well before we go on calling one another names why don't we get to the topic at hand, why is the state of oregon making it so hard to find and keep and up to date registry of all convicted sex offenders? I belive i have a decent answere for this. For the state of oregon to keep an up to date registry it would a have to stop protecting the offender and put them in the public eye, it also would have to employ a task force that would inforce the mandated registration of thease people. Oregon on a whole is a much more liberal state and is less inclined to put people of less than decent charicter in the public eye unless you are a Meth user who are much easyer to find on the internet. I for one do not have kids and am by no means judging anyone on here but if i were to have kids it would come hell or high water before i allowed a rapist or child molester to be in open contact with my kids or family..and i have been reading on here i see more bashing among people than anyone puting and active and constructive plan or complaint...i understand its hard for people of diffrent belifes and backgrounds to speak to one another with respect but please most of us are here to complain that oregon has done a very poor job of informing us the citizen that do not have these perversions to keep our selfs and our familys safe from this kind of crimes... i most may not return to see any commments Sorry for the lack of spelling and punctuation i am by no means perfect just think that if you are going to post on something like this it should be for a common goal not name calling and immature behavior.

Posted by Oldtimer on Aug 23, 2008 05:25 PM

James: you DO realize that this registry makes NO ONE safe, don't you?

Posted by Extremely Concerned Parent (not registered) on Sep 07, 2008 01:13 AM

I just want to keep my child safe, forget the stupid politics, I just want to know what I need to know. There are way too many scary people out there. I don't even want my child to go outside and play until I know who and where these sick people are.

Posted by concerned for the kids (not registered) on Sep 14, 2008 11:58 AM

I need to know if it is legal, in the state of Oregon, for a registered sex offender to be allowed to live in the same home as minors?

I just heard yesterday that my fiance's ex wife married a registered sex offender and she has custody of his 2 kids right now. We are concerned for the kids.

I can't find him on any of the sites for registered offenders.

Posted by nathaniel (not registered) on Sep 18, 2008 08:28 PM

looking at it from both sides. i understand why parents worry about an so living a block from a school, but where would they send all of the so's since nobody wants to live around them. also my brother is an so. he made a mistake when he was a minor, and now he has changed his ways and is genuinely sorry for what he did. he is doing the best that he can to make amends and to make sure he doesnt do anything to hurt anyone again. doesn't he deserve the chance to live a life where he wont be judged by a big make that he doesn't plan on making again? I am a single father and i know what its like to worry for your child, but there are some people who make a huge mistake and learn from it. Not all of the so's are as dangerous as all believe them to be. I should also let you know that i myself am a victim of sexual abuse, from my own brothers. I have never forgotten what they did, but, when i look at my brothers and see how one of them have changed so they wont hurt anyone again and how much it hurts him to face me, i can forgive him and do my best to help him move on with his life. But those who continue to offend, they are the ones we should worry about.

Posted by castrate them (not registered) on Sep 20, 2008 02:56 PM

all sex offenders should be casterated then they will lose there sex drive!!!

Posted by ryan (not registered) on Oct 02, 2008 12:54 AM

My x girlfriend has two kids 4yo and 7yo and she has been hanging out with this guy that I have been told by many people that he molested his sister when he was 19 and she was 4 and was sent to jail for 10 years. Problem is I have told her and she doesn't believe me at all. She says she wants proof. It pisses me off because I called the state police and they said that information isn't available to public. I am pissed because she lets him watch the kids. What is this states problem? I am puzzled

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 02, 2008 03:40 AM

Ignorence is a scary thing. I was acussed of a sex crime and haveing done nothing wrong I gladly kept my right to a speedy trial. It was not given to me. There was no evidence of such a crime. But in Oregon all that they need to convict you is an acuser. So I was forced to wait until a state DA who specializes in sex crimes was availlable to take me to court. I watched the DA of the county I live in commit purgery in order to get his way. All this because of a story that changed everytime she told it and nothing else. The local deputy went so far as to illegaly remove my posessions from the locker in jail, still no evidence. By the way, she was 23 an not a child but I was being thrown into the pedifile lable cause oregon is in the top 5% for child molestation. That is why the witch hunts, the skirting of the law to make it fit the way they want. I was educated on two fronts because of this. I learned that there is no fair trial for SO charges and there are some people out there who shouldn't be out there. You would be amazed the people you meet in a class for sex offenders who fit the chester the molester mold to a tee. I hate what was done to me, but I see why it was so. The system needs to work on what they do with the people who are threats to society. There was no limit I saw on how long these people with serious problem with offending could simply just go to a class. Why? He or she is obviously not becomming an asset to society, just a burden. Sometimes we need to read the pages people, not look at the cover. I bet most convicted SO's aren't bad people at all. Just the ones you get to see from the media, the worst case scenarios, the ones that make you afraid at night. Well, that is what they want, but don't go blindly into that way of thinking. Educate yourself some, think outside the box and for yourself, as well as our children. I do for mine, more know then before.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 03, 2008 01:40 AM

I want to know what putting up pictures would do to help? How many people do these crimes and don't get caught?? People who deserve to be punished? Yet then there are others, who, in their TEENS, are so-called sex offenders because they were just over three years older than they're so-called victim. How about this, instead of worrying about NOT having a website with "predators" names and pictures, WATCH YOUR KIDS. How about TEACH THEM ABSTINENCE. Some of these cases happen with willing girls whose parents turn in the 17-year-old guy because the daughter lied about her age. How is that fair to him because you didn't teach your kid? I am from a family who endured sexual abuse. The offender was too close in age and also considered a victim. Give me a break. Our whole system is screwed and there is way more to worry about than a stupid website for the paranoid that don't pay attention to their teens.

Posted by Oldtimer on Oct 03, 2008 06:34 AM

Ryan, First find out if the records of all prisoners is public information. It is in most states. If it is in your state (most likely) then you need to try again to have the information released. This has been an argument against the registry: "The information on criminals is already available on request, so why do we need the registry?"

Posted by Steve (not registered) on Oct 08, 2008 04:09 PM

I understand that people don't really know the extent that sexual molestation takes place. the stats are not real but they have said something like 90% never get reported. Ok well if this is true who are these people and why are they not arrested. One answer is they are your husband, father son mother maybe even yourself. So having all these people that did get arrested to post and ruin their lives. After they have paid the price and did their time only is to make you either feel less guilty for what you did or feel there might be justice for some, even if it wasn't in your case and you want to share that triumph . Well if your among the ones that feel if i don't get caught it doesn't count and as long as i call for public stoning and or ruin their lives in the name of the children. I think maybe thou protests to much to hide your own secrets. I can say this because if 90% is true as all the other stats on this then I can safely say that i'm talking to many when i say this that have at one time or another in their life did something that if caught could have landed them in the same boat as any one of the people you talk about that should be taken out and stoned. I feel that everyone should think about this and also the way the laws are being used. There may come a time when they want to do away with all the statutes of limitation laws and you could be facing charges for something you did many years ago and figure you will never be found out.

Posted by star (not registered) on Oct 14, 2008 12:33 AM

people need to remember that just because you are listed as a sex offender does not mean you are a monster. the reason the sex offender count is so high is because everything from a 13 year old slapping a girls back end to pissing on the side of the road can get you the title of sex offender. i urge you to read the laws in regards to what can label you as a sex offender before you just assume that all these people are monsters that are going to hurt your children or jeopardize your lifestyle. your very own 18 year old son can make the mistake of "making out" with his 17 year old girlfriend and he will spend the rest of is life with that title and suffer the same thing that numerous individuals have had to face for quite a few years. i have seen numerous families torn apart because of a mistake made. some of these individuals simply made the mistake of trusting an age. for that matter we have children that are playing childhood games we all played as children and they are being labeled. what ever happened to an innocent 5 year old kiss? now the children get kicked out of school and forced into counseling because they did something normal.

you can kiss a girl and if she cries rape your life is ruined. there is no fine line between real monsters and people who made honest mistakes. they label them all and destroy all there lives for something as simple as a kiss.

if your 18 and you piss off your 17 year old girlfriend its as simple as her running to the officials and crying wolf and your life is over...

get your facts straight and open your eyes. its a title and nothing more. i could fly a small plane enough to get a learners liscense and look im training to be a "pilot"

the point is right there in front of you why cant people see it. its just a title it simply means at some point in your life you did something that everyone in america does at least just got caught. next time you kiss your spouse in public or decide to smack his back end out of fun you might get that label as well. then maybe you will open your eyes.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 15, 2008 01:11 PM

I agree with star, and she/he makes a good point. One of my friends has a sex offender label because he found the love of his life. she just happened to be 17 while he was 18. They are still together even after the law forced them apart. They have multiple children together and are a very happy couple. I believe the state should be sued for causing so much pain in their life.

On the other hand, there are hardcore sex offenders that are sitting at home right now and nobody does anything about it. I know a guy that is 23 and has been sleeping with a 16/17 year old for two years now. He shows up to her school, talks to the teachers, nobody even cares.

I think the point im making is that this system of name calling doesn't work, and slams the normal people with life long sentences when just about every GUY and GIRL has messed around, kissed, etc the opposite sex during the "Grey" area (17/18 age) I could throw out a list of 200 names if you guys really wanted them, does that mean you should stay away from them?

Posted by Emmas Mommy (not registered) on Oct 17, 2008 02:35 PM

I think that oregon should post all sex offenders not only the ones that they think are predatory! I am a mother to a beautiful 13 month old little girl and I feel that it is my RIGHT and OBLIGATION as a mother to keep her safe and that includes knowing who around my neighbor hood is a sexual predator. I just don't understand why it has to be like pulling teeth to know this information. I believe that it should be readily available to the public on the internet at any time and it should be a complete list not just the ones that are deemed predatory.

Posted by Not Registered (not registered) on Oct 18, 2008 05:17 AM

My Son is a juvenile sex offender. He currently resides at intake at Hillcrest, getting ready to be shipped off to Tillamook Camp. Strictly SO.

WE get so pissed we want them all behind bars, and, as with my Son, who is quite young yet, incarceration helps him to feel secure from the temptation to offend at this moment. Treatment he will receive will be intensive. He's a beautiful human being who turned ugly when in "behavor" mode, but was deemed low risk because he has NO OTHER criminally minded behavior.

I've seen parents who have children at Donald E Long. Their children need treatment, such as is my son fortunate enough to get, however, they may not be SO's, but other violent or drug/alcohol using offenders who need treatment and perhaps to be locked up somwhere....................

Treatement saves the tax payers, hundered, lives touched by it even more, when they is tretment.

Keep this in mind s you express your anger about the SO.

My son will maek it, I walk in fatih of that.

Posted by Gabriel (not registered) on Oct 22, 2008 01:42 AM


Posted by concerned mom (not registered) on Oct 29, 2008 07:28 PM

I am a mom of a teenage son who was convicted in oregon for inappropriately touching a smaller boy when he was 12 and suffering from severer depression. There is a big difference between touching and rape. But the law sees it all as being the same and the punishment is the same for him as it is for a child that deliberately set out to hurt and rape another child. My concern is that the law does not have any leniency for non violent or non predatory teenage sex offenders. They are all treated the same as if they had intentionally set out to and hurt another person sexually. I am not saying that he does not deserved to be punished for what he did. I am saying that the laws need to be more appropriate. So that the punishment fits the crime. At 12 years old my son was just a child himself and because of his server depression was not in a place that he was making very good decisions for himself. The law needs to be change to fit different situations. When my son name shows up on the registry. People will automatically think the worst, and that is completely unfair to him and others like him.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Nov 04, 2008 04:37 AM

I want to see if predators who have hurt me are in jail or if they have ever been convicted. I have been raped or assualted most of my childhood and I want to know where my tormentors have moved on to. It took me a long, long time to learn how to stand up for my self and I am only just now understanding hoow much of my life has been stolen from me.

Posted by Setting the record straight (not registered) on Nov 06, 2008 08:46 AM

Most of you people are ill-informed and riding the hysteria wagon that has enveloped the nation!

Read the FACTS: Nearly 90% of all sex crimes are perpetrated by someone who knows the victim, NOT a stranger!

Not to make everyone paranoid, but you really need to examine EVERYONE your child is alone with, INCLUDING their parents and older siblings. You seem to forget that MANY people convicted of sex crimes are authority figures and trusted people: Police officers, firemen, Homeland Security employees, district attorneys, Teachers and school officials, babysitters etc. etc. etc.

Just 7 days ago in Philadelphia (Oct. 31, 2008), ANOTHER prosecutor was charged:

A former top prosecutor in the Bucks County District Attorney's Office yesterday was charged with having a sexual relationship with a minor while volunteering in a church youth group.

So, while you're worrying about the registered offender down the street, it's quite likely your child is being or has been assaulted by a family member, friend of the family, a friend's brother or father, teacher etc.

I suppose you also want a registry to inform you if there is a burglar living nearby, or someone who drinks & drives so you can keep your kids out of the street? Already got one-it's called public records. Feel free to gather up all your neighbors' names, addresses, birthdates etc., head down to the courthouse and do some detective work. Oh, too much work for you? You want the state to do all the work so you can just sit at home and check an online registry? Well then, don't be surprised if the thief around the corner breaks into your house, which is much more likely than a stranger assaulting your child.

Posted by marisa (not registered) on Nov 11, 2008 07:07 PM

I recenlty tried to put my unborn childs father in prison and wa ignored because they dont have room in the jail here to put him he broke probation by being around my brother and sisters under the age of 18 I at the time did not know he was a sex offender because they did not post it because it was not hands on how is it right to make a mother worry every second that her child could be hurt or taken because they wont put these people behind bars its not right lane county needs to get there heads out of there buts and start protecting these children I myself can only do so much to keep my son safe and away from him and I am doing that but I fear everyday that he will hurt me or my baby its just not right

Posted by nathaniel (not registered) on Nov 13, 2008 01:16 AM

"I want to see if predators who have hurt me are in jail or if they have ever been convicted. I have been raped or assualted most of my childhood and I want to know where my tormentors have moved on to. It took me a long, long time to learn how to stand up for my self and I am only just now understanding hoow much of my life has been stolen from me."

i have a question for you. What will you do when you get this info? what will you do if you find out that nothing has happened? what will any of that info do to help you? will it give you closure ( pretty sure i didn't spell that right) if you find out that those who hurt you are on a list or have been charged? My abuser was never charged and even if he had, it wouldn't have made a bit of difference on where i am now. I am now a proud father, and have had to move on with my life. A two and a half year old daughter is what helps me make it through life now. I have found a reason to move on and do the best i can in life and to help those who have gone through what i have gone through as a victim of emotional, physical, verbal, psychological, and even sexual abuse. She is the only good thing in my life that has given me the drive to move on and be a strong person. I know that neither you nor I, or any other victim can ever get back our lost childhood, but we can help to protect other children from loosing theirs. We can be mindful of those who are around our children and what they do when alone. It is a rare thing for a stranger to just up and decide, "hey, im gonna go sexually abuse a child, or a women, or a teenager." Most of the time it is someone we know or someone close to use, like i was abused by my own brothers, and even my sister, and within certain degrees, my own biological parents. nothing can give us back what we lost, so lets not look back anymore, but lets look to a future that can be a good one.

Posted by SettingTheRecordStraight (not registered) on Nov 15, 2008 06:53 AM

Most of you people are ill-informed and riding the hysteria wagon that has enveloped the nation!

Read the FACTS: Nearly 90% of all sex crimes are perpetrated by someone who knows the victim, NOT a stranger!

Not to make everyone paranoid, but you really need to examine EVERYONE your child is alone with, INCLUDING their parents and older siblings. You seem to forget that MANY people convicted of sex crimes are authority figures and trusted people: Police officers, firemen, Homeland Security employees, district attorneys, Teachers and school officials, babysitters etc. etc. etc.

Just 7 days ago in Philadelphia (Oct. 31, 2008), ANOTHER prosecutor was charged:

A former top prosecutor in the Bucks County District Attorney's Office yesterday was charged with having a sexual relationship with a minor while volunteering in a church youth group.

So, while you're worrying about the registered offender down the street, it's quite likely your child is being or has been assaulted by a family member, friend of the family, a friend's brother or father, teacher etc.

I suppose you also want a registry to inform you if there is a burglar living nearby, or someone who drinks & drives so you can keep your kids out of the street? Already got one-it's called public records. Feel free to gather up all your neighbors' names, addresses, birthdates etc., head down to the courthouse and do some detective work. Oh, too much work for you? You want the state to do all the work so you can just sit at home and check an online registry? Well then, don't be surprised if the thief around the corner breaks into your house, which is much more likely than a stranger assaulting your child.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Nov 24, 2008 03:16 AM

I found out about a registered sex offender in my area, and put in his information which I retrieved from another state's website, and kept getting a "no records" response. This is a huge problem.

Posted by hateisking (not registered) on Dec 24, 2008 06:31 PM

Its interesting how many people are so interested in who has committed a sex crime. You already know that most are committed by the victims own family. i would bet you could look up many that you know and find them on the national site in a few months. If you find your uncle Fred on the site and never knew he was convicted of something 30 years ago. Will you feel the same about him as the person down the street. Or the ones that post on here that talk the harshest. Are you guilty of something? Well not to worry the laws will be changing as the years go on and soon what you thought no one will ever find out about will come to light. Really there is no one exempt from this. No family will go undamaged by these laws. How safe do you feel now?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Dec 28, 2008 08:57 PM

I was raped by my 21y/o cousin when i was 13, and am now 18. he was convicted in new york but lives in oregon now. i have been trying to keep tabs on him so i feel informed, but it's impossible to do so without their list online, i have to ask his father for updates. oregon needs to post this so more people like me can be informed on things that impact their lives

Posted by maryellen on Dec 28, 2008 11:11 PM

I don't know about the laws in every state, but in mine if the offender has live in the same house all of their lives, they don't have to move. Why don't they have lists for other criminals as well. Like someone that commits murder, manslaughter, robbery and especially armed robbery, kidnappers or just prone to outbreaks of violance. People relay so much on that list that they forget that most offenders are family or close friends that they know and trust. The victums have no fear of them. I was molested as a child by a close frined of my parents. I said nothing because I knew my Dad would have killed him and I didn't want my Dad to go to prision because of it. I told no one until my folks died and I have never told anyone who it was. God will be his judge.

Posted by stupidpublic (not registered) on Jan 26, 2009 01:16 AM

After reading some of your thoughts you misinformed morons need an education. I was arrested in 2001 for sex abuse charges and convicted and sentenced to 45 years in prison. This started 2 weeks after I started a change of custody. After 7 years in Oregons largest prison and fighting every day to survive i and my attorney PROVED that the Oregon state police crime lab and a Yamhill county prosecutor, NOW JUDGE xxx xxxxx, concealed forensic evidence and suborned perjury from children to get a conviction. This prosecutor is in frount of the Oregon State Bar because of this right now. Every one of my cherges were reversed and the Oregon attorney General agreed. I was taken back to Yamhill County jail and threatened with retrial.. The new prosecutor said they might be able to get a conviction again and suggested I take a misdemeanor plea requireing me to regester as a sex offender. I took the plea so I could walk out of the jail and go home. I found out a month latter that the State didn't have "ANY" evidence and hadn't for over 4 years. I can't even get a job. So I am taking this oppertunity in my life to write a book about this mess. I am 200,000.00 dollar in debt because YOU MORONS beleave police and prosecutors should have imunity from prosecution for breaking the law but when I don't break the law I go to prison.. You all need to wake up and smell what you are shoveling. "K-M-A"!!!

Posted by maryellen on Jan 27, 2009 10:41 PM

To stupidpublic: I understand your anger. My 17 year old son took the same plea offer and his lawyer told him that if he took it, he would only have to register for 12 years and that he would not be on the website. Three days before his 18th birthday, I found out that he was on the website and that he would have to register for life. Wasn't that a kick in the gut? That lawyer won't even talk to us.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Jan 28, 2009 04:19 AM

WOW! Sometimes I wonder if people can get any more stupid and my thoughts are confirmed when I ready the last few posts. That is not the way the courts run in Oregon. No judge is before the bar in Oregon for perjury. Why would you accept a plea when you KNOW you are not guilty of any crime. Why would they even give you an offer of a get out of jail free card, then state they are going to retry you???? WOW WHAT AN IDIOT! More than likely some child playing on the computer.

And lady....why would they tell you he'd reg for 12 years then change to lifetime? Wouldn't you look @ laws for yourself?

Posted by milos leubner (not registered) on Feb 28, 2009 06:24 AM

Are you aware of a small fact ,that this free country of yours has more of its own citizens in jail then any other country in the world?That's per capita and the total. Are you aware that 18 years of age for the age of consent is unheard of most anywhere around the world except for islamic countries - unless you are married.The age of consent ranges from eleven years to sixteen - fourteen in most Western contries. Are you aware that civilized and happy country such as Finland and others have officially one national holiday set aside for sex , because it's healthy , healing , joyful and human. You understand nothing about real causes of violence , will never allow yourself to see the innocence and range of what sexual being occupies , you will always be barking at the wrong tree , while they will be harvesting the energy of your femininity in useless magazines and movies , fashion shows run by homosexuals,nonsexuals who sold their birthright for temporal power to be prosecutors , judges , sex specialists of all sorts - those you will always seek out and trust , rather then listing to the wholy fire between your legs and elsewhere . Trust life ,find it in you again , help your emasculated husbands to raise their heads up again and fear not - because if and when you finally cease to be human beings all togheter - you won't know about it any more .

With the exception of brightly shinning Star and few others here , the rest of you are , well , pitifull. God help you !

Posted by Kimberly (not registered) on Mar 03, 2009 03:15 PM

Sexual offenders are one of the few types of criminals that cannot be truly rehabilitated and therefore should not be let back out into society. Does anyone know of a website that doesn't charge $$ tha will cover all of Central Oregon?

Posted by Anonymousnw (not registered) on Mar 05, 2009 06:22 AM

oregons law is very unbalanced.Theyonly register SO FROM A CERTAIN DATE.MY sister SO was my aunts husband.Served time for molesting another little girl..did parole in the valley then came back to my Aunt .He doesn't have to register.

They have talked about moving into town. My sister wanted to be sure that he would be registered. They (THE POLICE ) said that he was released before register was a part of parole condtions.

The sad part of this We are sure he had molested others before they were youth pastors in Indiana.Seem to change churches every 5 to 6 months.Never thought much of it till we where older. But we have always wondered how many more He did molest. Found out my AUNT KNEW ABOUT HIM DOING IT. MY sister told me she( My AUNT) caught him doing it to her( My sister).

I have seen some here say that how long must they be haunted by they're past.To me for ever.They victims don't get to have they're PAST ERASED.They LIVE WITH IT DAILY. SOME TURN TO DRUGS AND ABUSE ALCHOL. WHICH is what happen to our family we nearly lost my sister once she fianally told us what happened to her.

SHE fianally could get herself clean but was a hard road going.And for that she is a very strong person.Much stronger thanI am. SHE did for herself.was not court order to she knew she had to.


I know there are those who are kids just being kids .You should not have it haunt you for kissing a girl or boy on the bus.THATS JUST GOING OVER BOARD. IMHO

Posted by A. Nonymous (not registered) on Mar 25, 2009 12:17 AM

Does it occur to you people that most of the so-called sex offenders in this state are either gay men who got caught up in Oregon's outdated laws, or people who were falsely accused and couldn't disprove it? It is people like you who have created this mass hysteria. At the risk of sounding cliched, this is a modern-day witch hunt. The few people who are genuine risks make up maybe a quarter of the population of sex offenders.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Mar 29, 2009 05:51 PM

I am happily married to what you guys are calling a "sex-offender". Know their story before you get scared. I have a beautiful child, and one on the way with him. He was falsely accused. The girl consented but because she didnt want to get grounded for being out while her parents were out, she lied to her mother and said she was raped. Its the parents fault for not hiring a baby-sitter, even if the girl was old enough to take care of herself. If you are so damn scared of your children getting hurt, get a babysitter, and your kids wont be out alone. Now my husband has to suffer for a stupid lie this other girl wanted. She was the one who wanted sex. Parents, you are so damn scared to "sex-offenders", teach your precious little girls to be honest and to stay home! Its YOUR responsibility to make sure your children are safe!!! Sex offenders shouldnt be pinned up like clowns. If you have never committed a crime in your life call me! Even going above the damn speed limit is a crime!!! Maybe they should pin you up!!! Your the damn clown!! What about murderers? At least when your kid is raped, they have a bigger chance of living!! Murder means their DEAD!!! If you cant forgive a "scary" sex-offender, you wont be forgiven and your spending ETERNITY in HELL!!!! think about that!!! And you know, I was raped for 18 years!!! Sexual, emotional, and physical abuse for 18 years!!! I have forgiven!! I want my spot in heaven!!! 75% of "sex-offenders" are falsely accused, you look so hard for "sex-offenders" why dont you look hard for hard facts!?!? My husband the "scary sex-offender" by the way, is a christian who cares about his family and friends, and would NEVER hurt an ant!!! Some guys are just in the wrong spot at the wrong time!! THEy SHOULDNT BE PUNISHED!!!

Posted by mike (not registered) on Apr 05, 2009 10:14 PM

to bad all sex offenders are gettin a bad rap. how about the so who had no crimes agaisnt a child, or no penatration of any sort- kissing lets say.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on Apr 07, 2009 06:33 PM

What a shame Oregon can't have a public list that can be viewed of these sex offenders. The children in the community that houses the offenders, need to see pictures of the offenders and perhaps can recognize them if they are approached.

Oregon, you are so far behind the times!! Quit protecting the identity of these offenders.

Posted by Anon (not registered) on Apr 07, 2009 06:43 PM

I have a brother who lived a very abused childhood. Due to a childhood wreck, he suffered brain damage and suffers grand mal seizures. He has lost his last three jobs due to seizures. His IQ is low and he has been homeless most of his adult life. He had a girlfriend who lived off of DHS and none of the family liked her, but he seemed happy. They broke up and her 12 year old daughter made accusations; he spent 8 months in jail until his "court appointed" attorney told him to plead guilty or spend 25 years in prison after he told him it was a weak case because the story kept changing and it looked like "coaching". Out of fear, he did and now has to register FOR LIFE. He has a record of Alcohol offenses, but not anything like this! He is still homeless in Oklahoma County. He goes down to register everyday and is now being refused the right to "sign in" because he can't give an address, (yet he still goes everyday). He just got out of a 4 month jail term for failure to register and thats not what hes doing. The funny part is, I work for D.O.C. and can't help him. I have no money to help him and he can't appeal a guilty plea. If you only knew how many people out there were like him, you would be shocked. He has no pattern of Pedophilia or history. He has never had a good life. Sometimes these "laws" are too harsh. I have children and strongly want them protected, so I believe in some of the laws. I will tell you that these lists can give you false hope. Don't trust them! The state of Oklahoma is pushing the Registered Sex Offenders into hiding, to include the dangerous ones. This is going to have an awful effect with DOC going broke and the Prison system overcrowed as it is. Please do not let these Oklahoma laws give you false hope. Watch and continue to teach your children that everyone (no matter what they look like) can be dangerous if they don't know them. If you don't know how they system works, you are fortunate! If you do know how the system works, you know that there are actually innocent who are falsely accused.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 08, 2009 12:06 AM

There is SO much fear here! Look, I was molested. Now I'm a parent. You need to understand that knowing every single person who has ALREADY BEEN CONVICTED will NOT keep your children safe! (However can you find the names of all the future offenders???) Please, please, respect your childrens' bodies, teach them that they have boundaries that deserve respect even from adults. That is what will keep them safe. If they live with shame (which so many parents use as a form of punishment) then, when they are touched inappropriately, it will be just one more shame from an adult, which they will believe is normal. I didn't tell my mom what was going on until I was in the hospital being treated for a drug overdose because, though I'd heard all the schpiel about sex abuse, I didn't recognize it as something wrong when it happened to me. I was already too used to shame and having my boundaries stamped on by grownups.

Posted by Steve (not registered) on Apr 12, 2009 06:06 AM

I think your all a bunch of parinoid people.....Trust me one never forgets or is forgiven

Posted by Millie (not registered) on Apr 26, 2009 10:46 AM

I am moving to Lane County Oregon with 5 young children and I have searched all the sex offender sites with no sucess. I did find one site (sexoffenders.oregon/gov) and even that was useless because you need to have specific information on a potential offender. Example- height, weight, eye color, address, first and last name---ETC. I just did not want to buy a house next to a sex offender and not know about it! Is there anything I can do to make sure I am not making a mistake? If anyone has info on what to do, please email me at Thank You!

Posted by Rex (not registered) on Apr 30, 2009 11:42 AM

I've read a majority of comments and I see a lot of anger and fear. People often fear what they do not understand. Sex offenders have an incredibly low recidivism rate(that is the likelihood that they will offend again). The only people less likely to offend are those who have done murder. Oregon's laws are astoundingly tough on sex offenders. I know of a guy who was 15 years old when he went to prison for 9 years. He now has 11 years of post-prison supervision. He has no work history so he can't get a job. His PO is making him stay at the local mission and sometimes the county work-release center (jail). He is not allowed to have job where he comes into contact with people (most of the reason he is unemployed) and he can't live near parks, schools, churches, day cares, or any other place that minors may congregate at. The conditions imposed on people like this put the community at an increased risk. Obviously there was something wrong with these guys(and gals) when they hurt someone. Our prisons do not treat whatever problems they have. The department of corrections merely houses them. So a person trying to fix their life and do what is right needs support and a stable environment. Not the hate, anger and fear of the general public. I wouldn't want a paranoid schizophrenic living next to me, but I'm not going to hate him for it. I won't make them my best friend either. I'm just saying, use a little discretion here people. We are a society and if we work together as a whole we can make the world we live in a much better place. And haphazardly evicting anyone we are unsure of is not the way.

"Love is the will to extend one's self in order to further one's own or another's spiritual growth" -M. Scott Peck

"All we need is love" -The Beatles

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as you love thyself" - God

Posted by Oldtimer on May 04, 2009 10:19 AM

Rex: But this works, you see. You isolate the offender, don't let him work, degrade him, and guess what? This is exactly what is needed to increase the statistics for reoffense! Then you can put him away for life. This is exactly what Public Safety works and brings in more Federal Grants for the state. The DOJ actually gave "bonus" funds for each additional offender give an ankle bracelet, I believe.

Posted by Oldtimer on May 04, 2009 10:19 AM

Rex: But this works, you see. You isolate the offender, don't let him work, degrade him, and guess what? This is exactly what is needed to increase the statistics for reoffense! Then you can put him away for life. This is exactly what Public Safety works and brings in more Federal Grants for the state. The DOJ actually gave "bonus" funds for each additional offender give an ankle bracelet, I believe.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on May 25, 2009 11:14 PM

Oregon State sex offender site sucks!! I live in Washington state & if you put Washington State sex offeders it will guide you to your address or county. You put that info in, it shows a map of your community & shows where each one lives near you. It shows pictures & the degree off the offender. Why in the hell doesnt Oregon State do that? Its crazy!!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on May 30, 2009 06:31 AM

Are you serious?
It's not the known ones that we have to worry about.
They are actually less likely to offend again.

It's people that have never been caught that you have to worry about. And the registry does not help with that in any way at all.

Posted by Mikey (not registered) on Jun 05, 2009 04:57 AM

Every state department has a statewide registry of posted sex offenders. You can search by name, address, height, weight, everything you could think of. Visit your local state police department for information on all levels of sex offenders in your area (Level I, II, and III) The rating system is kinda goofy, however it will be worked out in time. For an explanation on these and other characteristics search google. It is a good idea to learn about Sex Offenders and their patterns before you jump to conclusions that all sex offenders are bad, they were wrong not bad. All states require a sex offender to complete a rigorous treatment program that includes a lot of good things not only for sex offenders but parents of children as well. I would suggest everyone reading this currently to jump on the ball and look this stuff up, I have and it has changed my views on sex offenders as a whole.

Posted by Pissed (not registered) on Jun 15, 2009 02:33 PM

I dont know Im even bothering with posting this. I want to tell you how I got convicted of Sex Abuse, in 1998 I got divorced, had been single for almost a year (now 1999) I lived in a small town of approx 211 people. A few friends and I went to a local lake and had a party where I met a very nice woman, she explained she had a job, was out of school and was looking into getting her own home. As you can imagine we started dating. About 2 months into this her friend told me she 16 and a highschool drop out. I was devastated, I immediately broke off the relationship and a couple months later I moved out of state. She tried calling me several times and tried to come and see me but I always refused. Fast forward....its now 2004 and in speaking to a friend of mine at the Sheriffs dept, I learned there was a misdemeanor warrant out on me. knowing that Oregon could not extradite me from another state for a misdemeanor I decided to pack a bag and head up to Oregon to get this taken care of (mistake #1). Being a law abiding citizen I thought I was doing the right thing. I get to the Sheriffs office, they cite me into court on Contributing Sex to a Minor, WOW I couldnt believe this. I get to court and have a Court Appointed Defense Attorney (2nd Mistake). He tells me just plead no contest and this will all go away (LIES). So I do, and after court I head to see the Probation Office. This where I'm informed I must commit to a 2 year probation (no problem) I'm a law abiding citizen remember? He then informs me I must register as a Sex Offender for the rest of my life! (really? because I refused to stay with an underage girl?) What a system huh? So now I am convited of being a pedofile in the publics view. (fantastic) I am married with 3 children, my kids are at risk because of individuals on this site as well as all the others because you want to just kill any and all sex offenders. I recieve death threats, my kids are persecuted because of me. I've got news for you people, bring it on, I'm sick of this BS and I have decided to take action against you! You will no longer threaten me and my family.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jul 01, 2009 09:42 PM

Some sex offenders are not a threat to you or your children. Some are people who made mistakes when they were younger and now have children of their own. Judgements should be made on a case by case basis.

Posted by Furious (not registered) on Jul 10, 2009 12:25 PM

I too agree that it should be on a case by case basis of how you look at a sex offender. There are so many variables that could have contributed to an individual being required to register. You CANNOT assume that just because someone is registered as a sex offender in ANY state, that they are a pedophile or a predator. So stop with your panic attacks about your children every time you hear the word sex offender. Don't go and persecute someone just because of those two words. Find out the facts. There's a huge portion of "sex offenders" that only had sexual contact with someone that was only a year or two younger than them that was consensual. These productive and good people, and thanks to a broken system will be plagued with those two words for the rest of their lives.

Posted by Peeved Mom (not registered) on Jul 12, 2009 02:14 AM

I just want to respond to a comment I noticed on here.

"I've read a majority of comments and I see a lot of anger and fear. People often fear what they do not understand.
"Sex offenders have an incredibly low recidivism rate(that is the likelihood that they will offend again)."

B.S. Not sure where you got your stats at but sex offenders - excluding statutory rape are often repeat offenders. They don't get "cured", they often offend again.

"Oregon's laws are astoundingly tough on sex offenders."

Again, BS. While you may have your story, your friends story, whatever. 6 years 11 months for someone who repeatedly molested his daughters, preyed on little girls online and had a history of abusing his siblings is not nearly harsh enough. Additionally you will never find this man listed on any Oregon Sex Offender site because he plea bargained down to lesser counts. By plea bargaining it helped to lower his "score" and per Oregon he is not considered a predator. That is, a man who spent time online and over the phone talking about sex to 12 & 13 year-olds, who sent nude pictures and attempted to meet with them is NOT considered a predator.

I agree that not all sex offenders should be lumped together. However Oregon is certainly not doing enough to protect victims.

Posted by mamabear (not registered) on Jul 31, 2009 02:29 AM

I have compassion for all victims but the registry is not the solution. Unfortunately we have entertainment news and hype. We have politicians that are always planning for the next election. No matter what they promise you they don't care about what happens to a child that was kidnapped, or your sister who was raped. It's staying in their power seats. Defense Attorneys are a completely different animals. We have the hot shot prosecutor that wants to move up the ladder of success. Maybe a position as a judge and moving up that ladder. The DA doesn't care about truth and justice. He uses the system as if he were picking strawberries in a field. He just keeps on filling up those crates. Defense Attorneys are only in the business of making LOT'S of money. They don't care if your innocent or guilty. How much defense can you afford? Now we only get what we deserve folks. Approximately 97% of people on the registry are non violent and I surmise that at least half of those should never have even been charged with a crime. The rest with mostly fines, counseling. Jails are a business too. Some of them are privately owned. Now we have some very sad stories of victims. This is where you have to get really angry. You have to know who to be angry with. It's not people on the registry you have to look out for! No way! it's the list I just gave you. Let us say that they have a man that committed a rape or other violent crime. They locked the person up, no therapy, no coaching on how to have a better life. Maybe he needs medication. Then penniless, no friends, no family support,no job, no housing, no counseling, no healthcare. Just dump this broken, angry, hopeless, lonely, totally isolated person back the street. He is on a registry, but with thousands of non violent persons. Maybe their crime was consensual sex of young people, or someone solicited for prostitution. Someone was searching the internet and had a pop-up of porn show up on their computer. So many different scenarios. What we need is to remove the "LABEL" sex offender. If doesn't tell what the real crime is. We need to remove blackmail plea agreements and have trials instead with true charges and true sentences. Knee jerk legislation with the divide and conquer ideology is what we have now in our society. We have all heard the dumb down society. I don't think we could get any dumber. We are now total bottom feeders. We are lead by the the bible thumping, God fearing, hate mongers in our society. We can do better I hope and soon!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 05, 2009 11:31 PM

Sexual assault is probably the ONLY crime where you are "innocent until proven guilty". The chance of being convicted is probably 99% if you go to trial, even WITHOUT any evidence. The vast majority of the general public TOTALLY panics at the mere mention of those words.

I agree with Oregon NOT having a SO list that shows everyone who offends. Can you imagine all the people that would be willing to hang someone who had to register because they uninated in public? Oregon has NO "statutory rape", it is just considered rape, whether she was willing or not. Roughly 45% of convicted rapists are 18 - 25 yrs of age, who had a willing partner that was 3 yrs, 1 day (or more) yonger than they were, whose parents got mad when they found out. They have 12 YEARS to file charges, even if they had been living together until she was 23 yrs old. If he breaks up with her (or, heaven forbid, cheats on her) she can STILL press charges & win a conviction for him having had sex with her when she was 17 & he was 20 1/2.

If you are so worried about your children, SUPERVISE them. Sit on the curb & watch them ride their bikes, walk them to & from school, or have someone you trust to do it for you.

There are far too many "sex offenders" out there who made one mistake or who were falsely accused (& made a deal to avoid trial with a "hang 'em" jury). They should NOT be on the "List" to be shunned by neighbors or other VERY STUPID people. Know them BEFORE you brand them.

Posted by InNo on Aug 07, 2009 09:25 PM

I have to say - I'm not in support of sex offenders, but there are people out there that are wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit--either wrong place, wrong time or the "victim" got pissed off & didn't get what they wanted, so to get even, they want to ruin another person's life & the system will convict to put a person in prison. Keep in mind--the state (any state) gets $30-$40 thousand per inmate incarcerated. Most of us are lucky to even make that much money, take home! I'm not saying that those who truly did commit a crime don't need punishment--but there are innocent people that are in prison for crimes not committed. When the incarcerated are released, most just want a chance to make their life right.

There does need to be a system of better catergorization of "offenders". I tend to disagree with the special plates law. That's a false sense of security. Just because you can see other drivers who have yellow plates or sex offender plates - why does that make you feel safer? Your chances are still there - you could get into an accident with someone who has no special plates - a driver running late for work or an appointment, or a truck could hit you because the driver fell asleep, God could strike you down by lightning, etc.

My point is - there are other types of criminals out there. Where's the plates or registry sites that tell you that you're living next to a drug dealer? a murderer? a serial killer? a burglar? Where are their "special plates" or websites? Should there be plates for criminals who shop lifted? Registry sites for those who did illegal drugs in college, but were never convicted of the crime? Where's the site for people who ran a stop light or habitual speeders? Should these people have special plates & registry sites too? Come on, are you just going to spend your life on the internet looking up every possible person
listed around you to see who did what?

Don't just judge someone you don't know because of what a plate or website tells you. Know that person, then decide. We all as humans have faults or make mistakes or made wrong decisions--but each day we breathe & live--God gives us a chance at living life. Those who've served their time for crimes that they were wrongfully convicted of does deserve a chance to try to make their lives right. They need jobs to support themselves & their family, they have bills to pay just like you & I do.

Posted by OnceBitten (not registered) on Aug 08, 2009 05:39 PM

Thank you InNo you have no idea how happy I am to see some one here that gets it... You see I was raped when I was five, that man is now on several sites as preditory as he should be. However one of my friends went to jail because he broke up with his girl friend cause he found out she had been cheating on him with his brother, the woman said that my friend had assaulted her and he got 4 years and tagged as an SO... How about another guy I knew that got tagged cause his ex-wife tried to run him over with her car when he tried getting in his truck and leaveing so he reached in shut off the car tossed the keys about 5 feet away from her, then got in his truck and left... He spent 5 years in jail on "attempted rape"
So it is way to easy to be traped in the sterotypical thoughts of what a sex offender is, rarely do people stop to think about what could really have happened. Or what the other side of the story is... its sad really that we rely so much on the system here when with any other subject we know the systum is flawed...

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 10, 2009 04:47 PM

They don't make murderers or thiefs or someone who commited some other crime register. My question is why isn't one crime as bad as another one? no sex offenders had to register 25 year's ago. I'm begining to think it's a waste of our tax payer money again. Maybe there's too many law's on the book's maybe we shouldnt eat ice cream on sunday walking down the sidewalk?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 10, 2009 05:09 PM

They don't make murderer or thief or someone who commited some other crime register. My question is why isn't one crime as bad as another one?? No sex offenders had to register 25 year's ago. I'm begining to think it's a waste of our tax payer money again. Maybe there's too many laws on the books; maybe we shouldn't eat ice cream on Sunday walking down the sidewalk?? Maybe the parents need to take more responsibilty taking care of theirhildren like where are they going or what there watching on tv or what they are looking up on line. What would happen if your child ended up being a child molester who would you blame the system? Yourself? Who?? When you start putting labels on people bad thing's happen. Know what your talking about. Just because they say sex offender the person could have just touched someone or kissed or maybe they had something they didn't like about that person. I read in a newspaper that a lawyer wrote if a woman was bent over in a isle of Walmart and a man was trying to get by and touched her she could have him arrested. Why should we fill up our jails and prisons just to bring in revenue; it's a business to bring in money. Why not do a search for a person who was convicted of murder or a thief. c'mon let's not be so judgemental until we know the facts.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 10, 2009 05:16 PM

you can complain and whine and cry.they don't care it's a money game

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 15, 2009 06:15 PM

you want pictures? go to

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 21, 2009 06:22 PM

Dont you think that there is a possibility that any of these people that you want pictures of have paid their debt to society? Why arn't you interested in all of the drug dealers who are in your community and are looking for your children as potential clients? Has the registy really stopped sex crimes??? I have a child and want more than anything to keep him safe but I don't think that this witch hunt is the way to do that. As a rape victim this registry has not protected me or my family in any way.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 03, 2009 01:26 AM

We need to protect our children from pedafiles. There also needs to be due process. How many seventeen year old boys are registered sex offenders for having sex with their sixteen year old girlfriend. Not all sex offenders are pedafiles. Ignorance to put everyone in the same category and then plaster their face all over the internet is not helping our children. It is makeing everyone pay for all of the true sickos. A friend of mine over 22 years ago met a girl at a club who stole her sisters ID believing she was of age dated her a couple of weeks. When he found out her true age he told her to stay away and moved to another town. Over a year later she was bragging to a friend about this older man she had been with and he was charged with a sex offense. Served over a year in prison and has to register as a sex offender. This is a man that paid dearly and still pays and yet the desire to put everyone in the same category plaster his face on internet when will it ever be enough for this man.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 09, 2009 05:47 PM

I agree with the above post. i am a low risk offender, but i still have to register and am put in the same class as people who have done something horrible. i had a girlfriend at the age of 17 who was 16. i turned 18 she turned 17, and bam!! her parents walked in on us have intercourse and they turned me in. i spent three years in a sex offender class to help fix my "problems". I've had a really hard time finding a job. I've never been in trouble before or after this, i actually went to school for criminal justice. I just sucks. so please think twice before judging someone just because they have this labels stuck to them.

Posted by scared and pissed mommy (not registered) on Oct 12, 2009 03:53 AM

I want to know names, faces and addresses of ALL offenders that are runnhing around! Lord help anyone who looks at my daughter wrong! Sex offenders should not go free... Ever!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 18, 2009 05:17 AM

I am just wondering if anyone realizes that 12-15 percent of convicted and treated sex offenders re-offend compared to 60-70 percent of other violent crimes. Here are some stats for those of you that think offenders you don't know pose more of a risk that the people you do know.
30 to 40% of victims are abused by a family member.
50% are abused by someone outside of the family that knows the family (family friend).
10% are abused by a stranger.
Approximately 40% of abused boys are abused by a babysitter.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 18, 2009 11:47 PM

Sex offenders deserve to have their lives ruined for ruining their victims for life!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 25, 2009 06:45 PM

I believe in the sex offender registery TO A POINT. As a young gay man who has been both raped and molested in his past, it does not protect all potential victims eqaully. Certain people on this list are not prepetrators at all, and many potential predators are not listed. Law enforcement is so biased against gays (as we are seen to be as vile as molesters of children or rapists of women), that we can't or don't report the crimes commited aginst us-NO ONE LISTENS! Because I expeiernced the slap-in-the-face disrimination when I needed support; I have a sad reality for you who don't belive. Gays are not often harmful predators; we LIKELY are silent victims. Why would a man try to chase a 16 yo that is illegal when he could find a 22 year old who won't report a crimes since no one listens?

Posted by G. Lance (not registered) on Oct 27, 2009 07:22 PM

I agree that there needs to be some other 'name' than sex-offender -- for 17 year old boys w/ 16 year old girl friends (and vice versa). If it isn't rape and both parties are consenting... it isn't quite the same as a child being abused (no matter what some parent might want to think).

On another a society that starts dressing little girls up as 'sex symbols' by the time they are 3-4 years old... it makes me wonder where the first finger should be pointed.

Posted by Burden (not registered) on Nov 12, 2009 05:01 PM

I am a registered sex offender in the state of Oregon. It is very apparent that there's a lot of people on here that are angry at the system for not having an updated registry. Keep in mind, though, anger is a secondary emotion. Would it be safe to say that your anger is driven by fear for your children? I think that is most likely. So, before you send hate mail, I would like you to set your anger aside for a minute and come up with some very specific questions if you can. The questions should be in regards to sex offenders, the treatment process, and what the system is currently trying to accomplish in this area. You see, there are all kinds of things that the system of Law will tell you that they are doing to protect you, but then there is what is really going on. Keep in mind that the courts that convict us hardly have any hand in our treatment. In fact, if I were to put a percentage on it I would say the courts and your government officials are involved about 2% of the time over the course of treatment.

Anyways, back to your questions. I'm sure you will send me hate mail and what not. That's not a problem. I won't press harassing charges against you in any way. I'm sure that some of you here may know victims of sexual violence, or maybe you're a victim yourself. I don't hold your anger or fears against you in any way as I have no right to. The only reason I wanted to post on here was to give anyone an opportunity to ask me questions about sex offenders, their treatment process, and what your Oregon State and Federal government is doing in this regard.

You can email me at


Please keep in mind I cannot divulge the details of my own crime across the internet as to protect the integrity of the people I've hurt. I can tell you that I was charged with Sexual Abuse 1, and I was 11 years old. Thank you for your time.

God bless...

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Dec 07, 2009 08:22 PM

My father raped me for 8 years and others and went to jail for the others I never said anything cause I was scared and they concider him a low level sex offender and they dont post his name anywhere for anyone to be able to know about it.

Posted by Calvin (not registered) on Dec 21, 2009 05:23 PM

This is ridiculous, they must list everyone as predators. Most states have a small fraction of predators to that of Oregon. Example: Oregon has 155 (males) between the ages of 26 to 35 and the entire state of Georgia has only 76 in the entire state. There were so many between 46 to 55 it couldn't even show them!

Posted by why (not registered) on Jan 22, 2010 06:11 PM

Why do pedephiles have and retain parental rights?
Why is there a double standerd when it comes to female predaters?
I have fought to protect my children to the point of a breakdown and the answer from salem on down has been... we dont care! who will help to change these laws?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jan 23, 2010 03:27 AM

I have found the same treatment that I see against leprosy affected people (LAPs, and yes leprosy is still endemic in several countries) in developing countries where education is strongly lacking, and the treatment of registered sex offenders in America are incredibly similar, even in 2010!

The treatment of LAPs for over 100 years by both the American people and American government during the world's most famous leprosy colony Kalapaupa, is shockingly similar. During that time, a "bounty hunter" would arrive at the suspected LAPs home to take them into immediate "custody" for further diagnosis. Once leprosy was diagnosed, the person immediately lost all rights and was shipped off to Kalapapaupa to die, even if they were a child. Parents immediately lost their rights to their children.

The family members of the LAP would then have to move constantly to avoid the social stigma and ridicule that they are a family of "lepers". Eventually the LAP was wiped away from any reference to the family after enough geographic moves.

This treatment was purely driven by the media and public hysteria for a disease that was not understood at that time and greatly feared. I am still amazed that after 100 years of "progression" America still deals with these issues in the same fashion.

As late as 1987 the U.S. was considering legislation to exile AIDS victims to the Kalaupapa leprosy colony on Molokai. This again was fear based legislation. America lives in fear of what could happen. The net has been cast so wide now on sex offenders that we are pushing 1 million offenders on the registry. Texas alone is adding over 100 new sex offenders per week to the registry. This makes the registry worthless and will land a person on it for sexting as a minor, peeing on the golf course in several states and consensual teen sex, as well as those who had a lapse in judgment 20 years ago, paid their dues in prison and have since been model citizens and contributing members to society...

America needs to learn to get to the root of its problems and solve them, rather than passing more ex post facto, feel good legislation. We have the highest incarnation rate in the world, with 1 in 100 American’s currently incarcerated.

And don't forget, studies show that over 90% of sex offenses are committed by family members or someone that the victim knows. According to the United State Department of Justice, sex offenders are the least likely to re-offend, with a re-offense rate of only 3.3% for another sex crime. You are in much greater danger of those not caught such as your pastor, teacher, neighbor, uncle, father, mother, aunt, sister, brother, politician, etc.

Posted by worried and cant find help (not registered) on Jan 30, 2010 04:50 PM

I had a child with a man here in Oregon. A little too late he informed me he was a SO. He and his family all find me to be $%#@* because i don't want him to be around her because I was told if I did my child can be taken away from me (from friends and family). He took classes that made him nonpredatory (I have not been given proof),and he has completed his probation. He is now married and has a daughter with whom he lives with. He does not pay his child support, and does not want to see my child unless he can have custody. His father is rich and has made a subtle threat to financialy back his son against me if I dont drop the child support case against his son. So my questions are: can my child be taken away if he sees her, is it legal for him to be living with a minor even if it's his child, what are the odds of a child being given to a parent who has a SO criminal history, where do I find detail on his acctual crime, because I'm not sure exactly what happened to make him a So, and in case of future court appearence I may need some proof.

Posted by Been through the loop (not registered) on Mar 17, 2010 03:08 AM

Look, I understand that we need to know about sex offenders. But the mass majority of people who have to register aren't the ones to worry about. Most sex crimes are committed by those who aren't registered. People don't believe in treatment because all you hear on the news is "Child Sexually Assaulted" Most "sex offenders" haven't molested random childres, and most people who get caught don't reoffend. You should be more worried about drug addicts who continue to abuse drugs and steal and assault and even kill people over drugs, yet there isn't a registry for that is there? why not? The typical stereotype of the stranger molesting your children is just not the way it is. Most sex crimes now are committed by people under 18, and most of them don't commit offenses after they're incarcerated. I know it hurts to be molested, cause I was too as a child, but I'm less worried about that guy coming back then I am about hiring a babysitter for my child. The media has hyped it up so much because it scares people. It's scary, but at the same time, a lot of people shouldn't be labeled as sex offenders. How many guys have pee'd outside on a tree or something? well all it takes is for 1 person to see your penis, and then it's indecent exposure and Wham, you have to register. Fair? think about it, that's all I say.

Posted by Sue on Mar 17, 2010 09:55 PM

How can a charged sexual offender of a child flee from his state he was charged, have a no bail warrant, get picked up in another state, and then have the original state not extradite? Now we have a sexual predator running the streets and nobody knows where he is..VERY SCARY!!!!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 27, 2010 04:05 PM

Wow!! way to go Oregon!! Now I understand why my step son who is a level 1 offender can't wait to graduate and move to Oregon. He won't have to be posted on a website. Well, I guess Washington fixed that awhile ago anyway-they changed theirs so only level 2&3's are listed on the website. He has three victims and was only charged with one, because the other victims didn't come forth-it's complicated, but it happened. So now he is going to move to Oregon in June.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 30, 2010 02:27 PM


Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 08, 2010 03:50 AM

Hi, For the people that are looking for sex offenders Photo's and fliers go to the Multnomah County sex offenders web site. Thank's for your interest.

Posted by stopthehurt on Jul 14, 2010 10:27 AM

Warning>>>>>>>>> this may be too deep for some readers

How do you feel about introducing sex education in the elementary schools at age 5? I hear that some parents have a problem with it. Why? What a tough issue. I see where it could help in educating children about the warning signs of abusive sexual behavior, such as molestations and rapes, and the importance of staying pure until you are of age of maturity to understand and handle sex.

My Mom and Dad never discussed things of this nature with me back in the day, but, now that we have internet and texting, maybe we should as adults reconsider this attempt to reach out to our children before their piers do, or before some stranger or family adult decides to teach them the lessons of being naive about sex and what is expectable behavior.

The Bible talks about sex as a natural thing, and we the people make it an evil thing. Just like Adam and Eve, had to cloth themselves before God after taking a bite from the apple, and seeing themselves naked. You should wait until you get married, but how many of us do that? I waited until I was 19, and before I got married the FIRST TIME, but then I took sex for love back then. LOL Sex affects your thought process KIDS!!
The same people that scream that sex education is morally wrong are the same people that end up with unwanted pregnancies because their parents do not believe that the child should have birth control, because the parent feels they have that child under control. LOL NO one has control over HORMONES, get real. Parents that say my child will never... are the ones that are blown away when they do at age 12. (OR) the same people that scream no sex education in schools are the very ones molesting your children, How about that comment? Who knows? I am a Christian but we need to start protecting our children. What is worse? To give the child the tools he/she needs to cope when he/she gets ready for sex, or running your child to the Woman's pregnancy assistance medical office to get their abortion to protect the family image, or even having to identify your children's body after being abducted by a rapist or molester? Which is really the worse of the two sins? I know what God says, that all sins are equal in his eyes, but don't you think he is tired of seeing the millions of babies come in to heaven looking for their parents? A lot of this information did not hit me until my children had to go through some growing pains of their own. I told them not to talk to strangers and to tell me if anyone ever touched them, but what about people that they did know and did trust, that were to do them harm? Yeah, My Husband says I have too much time on my hands. Well after 30 years of working and taking care of 3 children, I should take it a little easy. There is 5 years between he and I and I expect he will want to retire in about 4 years, so... whatever. If I were 25 and had only held one job in my life, other than the job of raising children, then, there might be an argument there. LOL OK, I am changing tracks so I will jump off of this one and get back to my studies. The older I do get, the more the problems of the world really bother me. I actually have time to stop and smell the roses, see the stars, drink a cup of coffee sitting down, and also see and smell the crap in this world, and want to make it a better and safer place for the next generation. This is all talk but my words will soon turn in to actions, I can assure you.

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN IN WHAT EVER WAY YOU CAN, no matter who you have to cut off in your life. Let GOD's people help you out a little. I'm here for anyone that needs me, that is what God would want.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 21, 2010 02:12 AM

Why can't Oregon post sex offenders like every other state I've ever lived in. How do I know there's not one living next door to me? This is ridiculous!

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 17, 2011 06:50 PM

Oregon should register sex offenders when incarcerated if they have failed to register. Instead they let them out and give them a website to register with. Ridiculous, i know of one in Oregon that's still hasn't registered and fails to tell anyone that he's a sex offender.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 01, 2011 07:04 PM

States should not list juvenile sex offenders. Persons that were tagged as sex offenders as juveniles should not be published as adult sex offenders once they turn 18. Unless they offend as an adult. Juvenile sex offenders seem to be the exception to juvenile records being kept confidential. Not right. Juvenile sex offenders laws should be revamped in almost every state.

Posted by amialone (not registered) on Nov 21, 2011 07:06 PM

I would like to make sure a man I am convinced was molesting poor children in my old town has been arrested or proven innocent


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