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Published: January 04, 2013 | | 88478 clicks | 55 comments
Access to sex offender information in Georgia is provided to the public as the result of the Jacob Wetterling Registration Act, which was passed by the United States Congress and Megan's Law.
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Posted by ann cheek (not registered) on Jun 20, 2006 05:11 PM

I think that every one that does this to kid's and other adult's should be treated just like they just murder some one because that is what it is when you do a child or an adult that way, my niece was raped at the age of 10 and she live's that every day of her life,the hole time he was doing it to her he told her he kill her if she said any thing but thank god he is is in prison where he need's to be,I think that should get the chair my self

Posted by shirl prosser (not registered) on Nov 16, 2006 09:54 AM

when you come to this site and see the person that destroyed your life, your brothers, your sisters, the people that finally listened after many nights of being afraid to even go to sleep, not counting the victems that have gone unaccounted for this man was never prosecuted for the crimes he committed against us and is free again, is there a statute of limitations or is he still able to continue his reign of terror as his biggest thing is to beat and threaten into submission and the fear of not telling is real with his kind, I witnessed my small brother fly from one end of the house to the other before bouncing off the wall, & this was the knidest thing he ever did to any of what?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Nov 18, 2006 04:35 PM

I think anyone who harms any children, for whatever reason,should be punished, But, those that sexually harm boys & girls should have body parts removed & not put in jail, but put in a private area where they can harm each other until they kill each other by their own filthy acts. Allowing them back into society is wrong, they don't deserve to be there & we don't deserve to have to worry that they are out there to prey on our children & loved ones. I also, don't want my hard earned money going to support them in jails & prisons.Stone them to death or work them to death, they don't deserve to live.

Posted by pray (not registered) on Feb 25, 2007 02:23 PM

Thanks be to God, that you ladies have made no mistakes in your lives. If these people have been punished by the courts, who are we to rejudge them?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 21, 2007 10:42 PM

OH, I think we have the right to judge. Everyone has made mistakes but not so severe as to scar a child for life. There are sexual offenders that were once judged by the law and not put in jail to only do it again and then murder their victim. Let someone molest you child and see if you don't judge them. I'm sure you wouldn't think oh well everyone makes mistakes and this is just a small mistake he made. There is a story on the news right now where a whole family took a 6 year old boy and molested him and them killed him. One of the sexual offenders never served time for a prior sexual offense. If he'd been in jail this would have never happened to this child. I think all sexual offenders should be put on an island to let them do what ever they want with each other until their live span is over. Just leave our children alone!

Posted by Jen (not registered) on Mar 26, 2007 04:38 PM

Child molesters are constantly meditating on all the horrible sexual things they can do to a child for large amounts of time before they act on it. They usually start with child porn and mental pictures and when that doesn't do it for them, they have to act it out. When this action takes place, it's too late to help them. With the internet in this day and age, the child porn industry is breeding these type of detestable people EVERYWHERE...maybe some of these child porn addicts haven't acted out on their desires, but it won't be long before they do--we need something to change and fast because this industry is training people to become molesters...they take curious individuals with some perverted temptations and through repetition train them to desire and molest innocent children not only online but out in our world.

Once a person has done this and acted out their sick sexual desires on a young child, they should not be let out into society, EVER!!! I don't care how much it costs us; these people are a threat to society and our future generation. If it takes removing body parts/ organs including a part of the brain, etc. to make our children safe, it's worth it. These are people who make it their personal pleasure and mission in life to steal the innocence and kill the spirit of little children and they should be stopped.

The level of molestation that also includes torture and me, death by legal injection sounds way too kind! However, we need to just nip this all in the bud and stop child porn if we want our children to grow up safe. If we don't, we will only fight a losing battle as the numbers of molesters and child porn addicts will be so vast, it will be soon considered by society to be on the same level as alcohol or drug addiction (we will start seeing movies and shows sending messages about how hard it is to be a child molester and how we need to help them overcome their "problem"). When instead, these people are just as much of a threat to our children as a convicted murder or torturer and we should view their crime, not just as an addiction, but a serious threat to society with severe punishment leading to life in prison, or death if the child was tortured or killed.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 26, 2007 07:01 PM

I think that a person who commits this type of crime can not be rehabilated and gets out to do it again only this time they kill the victim to hide their crime. Kill them. There is no hope for these people. I'd rather live next to a drug addict or thief than a child molester. I'd rather live next to a murder that killed someone in anger than a child molester or rapist. Thye make me sick and they need to be put to death.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 01, 2007 09:55 PM

Such fantastic people that wish for the death of those that have not killed. Why is it that we should kill someone who has not killed? Should we not, then, have the right to kill someone for theft? Does this action not affect a person emotionally. Therapy and such might help the issue, however, I consider it a little foolish to think death will fix anything. Do you realize how monstrous your comments are? As Hitler once said " The people will take any infringement on their own freedoms as long as it benefits the children.". Let me ask but one more question, why is their no "murderer registry" or "car thief registry". A man who kills in cold blood is not sickening? A man who steals a car is not sickening? Do none of you understand why the justice system must focus on rehabilitation rather than punishments? Do you not understand why justice is blind?

Posted by Hexgirl on Apr 14, 2007 10:31 PM


Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 18, 2007 09:46 AM

My name is Greg I'm 47 years old and I'm a sex offender. I committed my crime in 1992 against my step daughter. I turned myself into the child protection agency and received a light sentence of only 1-1/2 years however i had 15 years probation and later got into trouble for mailing my step daughter a birthday card where i got an additional 14 months. Which also made me register and fall under all the guidelines of the sex offender act. I went to counseling for 13 years twice a week for 3 hours, I now legally have contact with my children, of course their all grown up now. They never forgot me though and they still love me for that I am so grateful. There is no doubt that what I did was very very wrong. What does it take to cause a person to get to that level to commit such a crime will God ever forgive me. I do belive God has forgiven me I believe he has been with me through all of this and I feel his perfect love in my heart. I know that counselors believe that it is uncommon and rare for a sex offender to lose their desire to recommit such crimes. For that I can truely say that I am greatful I dont want to go into all the terrible things I did or had to do in counseling but I do believe if a person trys and truly wants to rid this devil from their lives it will take hard work and good long term counseling. I believe I am living proof that a child molester can be taught to steer clear of trouble and learn to know when he is letting his mind get him into trouble and turn away. I know it was a long struggle for me to end those terrible ideas that seemed so appealing. I believe we need to go back to the bible and believe in some of the things that christ spoke of like demons and spirits. Because I believe it was nothing other than the same that is dwelling in us. Now I have finally come out of this long tunnel my mind had wandered into, my life is such a mess. It's very hard for me to find work who wants to hire somebody like me. Anyone doing a background check forget it. Oh well I want go into all the hardships I've been faced with for what I've done I deserve whatever is handed out. I once heard John Bradshaw say when someone asked does anyone ever recover from abuse like this and he replied " It's kinda like this one legged Ice skater I saw once he was just skating around like mad wiggly his butt around the rink but he'll never be whole". Lord I'm so sorry I hurt my children I hope they will be OK. Greg

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 18, 2007 06:56 PM

My name is Greg I am 47 years old and a child molester. Sexual thoughts only held a small portion of my mind however for me they became very powerful and arrousing. I was molested as a child at age 5 as are most other molesters and somehow I convinced myself that I was still at fault even though he was 12 and used force. Being sexualized at such a young age tramatized me and unable to cope I believe I turned my feelings off. I put off my own feelings so much I think I became unaware of how it would hurt others. It is such a shameful thing and secretive in our society no one wants to talk about it and that makes the demon more powerful. When my crime was exposed and my skeletons came out of the closet I began to "tell all" which in turn led to my sister coming out about her victimization as a child. Come to find out we had several other members of the family who were abusers and victims. My victims were mostly when I was a child as well but my own knowledge gave me power and control over them. Personally I love John's work because so many people in this society do not understand and sit in judgement of others. God I know I struggle to serve my lord every day and its not easy I feel so weak and undeserving of his love. My Lord gave his all and it seems somedays I can barely get out of bed. But God only knows the struggle I've been through in my life. As the laws continue to change in Georgia things just seem to get harder and harder. I'm now being forced from my home by a law passed last year I live too close to an apartment complex. My job it looks like it maybe gone as well But God has been so good to me too. Only 3 weeks ago God sent a family into my home I was saleing a fish tank for needed money the family decided not to buy the tank but said the Lord had said that he loved me and wanted them to give me this money it was $500 dollars and they placed the money in my hands and were gone. Imagine a family willing to give freely of themselves like that. I struggle with sin in my life everyday I know I always will but I know somehow he will see me through to the end to finish his work he began.

Posted by khansgod01 on Apr 18, 2007 09:21 PM

Check this out then:

Posted by khansgod01 on Apr 18, 2007 09:28 PM

Check this out then:

Posted by greg47 on Apr 19, 2007 12:26 AM

Believe it or not it upsets me a great deal I am repulsed by the hurting of a child it upsets me alot. And yes I even want to kill someone like that too. Some peoples crimes are so hainus they dont deserve to live it repulses me. How is it that we can look into a man's heart and know which one is going to be a repeat offender I know we are just doing the best we can with what God gave us. We cant let the guilty go unpunished and we need to obey the laws as set down by those in authority as the bible declares. Yet with the new laws which are being passed now God only help us. I messed up the other day I've been on the registry since 97 and with the law changing last year I wasnt aware of the new rule. When you move you must register within 72 hours or face 10 years minimum imprisonment upon the first violation with a maximum of 30 years. On the second offense it is life. It used to be 10 days I was unaware of the change however I had signed the paper without understanding that change regardless right now the sheriff's department holds my freedom in their hands. My God what have we come to 10 years all it would take is someone with hatred in their heart. This is my third time I've had to move I had a nice home for a little over a year. Before moving here I lived in three motel rooms over a 2 year period. Before that in rooms to rent. Because of my crime I will be on the registry for life. Its very upseting after so long to be threatened like this perhaps now I am beginning to see how my child fealt God knows I've earned these stripes Lord heal me.

Posted by greg47 on Apr 19, 2007 12:32 AM

I would like to recomend two web sites to visit

Posted by greg47 on Apr 19, 2007 10:39 AM

We cant let people like this run about to do what they will to our children. I personally would not be opposed to leg monitors. I can see how it would make criminals accountable to their probation officers. I can see long periods of probation with leg monitors. But it's like a witch hunt counselors/probation officers who believe they can tell you who will reoffend. Lord knows I was a basket case if anyone was dangerous it was me. The demons in my mind were more interested in pure sexual deviancy than any one fantacy. It was not easy to end those thoughts in my head it took years of counseling to change that. I attended the Highland institute for 13 years. Many offenders look at what they do and are repulsed with some of their techniques but they work and by God I say get in there and do it till you cant stand yourself. We cant read thoughts yet, The probation office is more like the Gastopo in Nazi Germany than the land of the free. So we have people running around going a mile a minute and we are setting up 1000 foot laws. I know we have to start somewhere but it seems to me leg monitors with curfews with areas that are off limits something with some real meat would be nice for a change. The bible says the sins of the fathers will be passed down from generation to generation. It goes back to what happened to me and what happened to the one who hurt me and him etc. In my own family as a child within my neighborhood the sin and deviance of hurting children was all around us it's not the one who has been brought out into the open who we need to fear but it's the one with all the secrets who you dont know about like uncle Tom and little johnny gone to be back soon. I know this kind of talk puts fear into my heart. I personally have turned in a friend for the sexual abuse of a child and I urge everyone of you to do the same. It is so humiliating to put it into the light it hurts so much but its the only way I know of to truly get the help they need until the Lord returns.

Posted by greg47 on Apr 19, 2007 10:39 AM

We cant let people like this run about to do what they will to our children. I personally would not be opposed to leg monitors. I can see how it would make criminals accountable to their probation officers. I can see long periods of probation with leg monitors. But it's like a witch hunt counselors/probation officers who believe they can tell you who will reoffend. Lord knows I was a basket case if anyone was dangerous it was me. The demons in my mind were more interested in pure sexual deviancy than any one fantacy. It was not easy to end those thoughts in my head it took years of counseling to change that. I attended the Highland institute for 13 years. Many offenders look at what they do and are repulsed with some of their techniques but they work and by God I say get in there and do it till you cant stand yourself. We cant read thoughts yet, The probation office is more like the Gastopo in Nazi Germany than the land of the free. So we have people running around going a mile a minute and we are setting up 1000 foot laws. I know we have to start somewhere but it seems to me leg monitors with curfews with areas that are off limits something with some real meat would be nice for a change. The bible says the sins of the fathers will be passed down from generation to generation. It goes back to what happened to me and what happened to the one who hurt me and him etc. In my own family as a child within my neighborhood the sin and deviance of hurting children was all around us it's not the one who has been brought out into the open who we need to fear but it's the one with all the secrets who you dont know about like uncle Tom and little johnny gone to be back soon. I know this kind of talk puts fear into my heart. I personally have turned in a friend for the sexual abuse of a child and I urge everyone of you to do the same. It is so humiliating to put it into the light it hurts so much but its the only way I know of to truly get the help they need until the Lord returns.

Posted by MAOSP (not registered) on Apr 19, 2007 07:44 PM

your comment scears me, are you normal, or did that time spent in prision and the tax related recevied therpy damage your brain?i remember a sight reading hexgirls comments which i love to do because she takes time daily because of what she went through too read and keep up, but anyways she said people get madd since she feels they should stay in and not be let out into our society for a second chance, you know what? i think she is totaly right, any one whom disagrees with her is crazy, she is pretty smart, and after reading this again, what in the world is wrong with you?

Posted by greg47 on Apr 20, 2007 12:46 AM

I propose a way where we can truly watch criminals all serious criminals without putting them under house arrest. And I believe it is within our technology of today to do it. Right now as far as I know leg monitors only work at home within maybe 100 foot thereby putting criminals under house arrest. What I would be supportive of is a gps device which could track your moves thoughout the entire day and alert probation of any restricted areas. Right now during working hours leg monitors are not effective because their being used its only at night when the crimainal is restricted and children are at home in there beds, thats no good. A computer program could cause an alert we have a simular device in my work vehicle which will page my boss if im speeding and keeps track of everywhere the vehicle goes and automatically makes a report.

Posted by greg47 on Apr 20, 2007 01:03 AM

The offender could have a list of activities he likes to do and it could be approved by probation. Further driving neighborhoods, walking roads/ schools/ day care etc. could be a big red flag and the offender knowing he was being monitored would be more likely to stay on path and out of trouble. I think this is something that could have some real meat to it as long as the program doesnt become a way of abuse. Like Gun control so much needed but so much fear of abuse I fear abuse dont put Hilter in charge.

Posted by greg47 on Apr 20, 2007 10:32 PM

Tax related free therapy? No, Not a penny. Ever a hand out from Uncle Sam? Only the time in Prison. Eccept once at 19 for unemployment after being laid off. Dont get me wrong I can understand the hatred of someone who has done what I've done. When I was first locked up and in the county jail my story was in the papers for all the inmates to read believe me it was not easy. One day we will all stand before our maker and will be judged by what we did in our lives. But remember what the Lord said Judge not that ye be not judged. You know nothing about my life or what goes on in my mind and yet you stand in judgement of me. Do you know the heart of man? Can you stand in my shoes? One day I will stand before the Lord I pray for his Mercy but I know what my life is and what I deserve is his wrath. No doubt I deserve whatever he hands out and perhaps if I had received life in prison under your hand God would see what I have suffered already and be more forgiving. He said to him who knows to do good and doesnt he shall be whipped with many stripes. I dont claim to know what God will say to me in that Great day. But like Paul said I believe he is coming for a perfect Church and I pray that somehow he will clean me up so that I can be looked on without contempt and have faith in my heart that he will say I know you Greg. Yes I know I am one of the biggest sinners to ever walk this earth whatever happens to me I deserve.

Posted by greg47 on Apr 20, 2007 11:24 PM

Or even better yet something that would probably make you think the mark of the beast. As far as technology goes I dont think were there yet but here goes. Every person have a chip put into their body. A computer system which if a crime occured it could track movement in that area chips/persons identified could be located and questioned. Now just think everyone knowing they could be tracked their crime would be discovered. Would they still do it? Would this type of control be what is really needed? Is it the "MARK OF THE BEAST"?

Posted by go find me (not registered) on Apr 28, 2007 03:59 AM

this is just one messed up world. get a label because of someone else, try to killyourself over it and somehow stay alive. all because of the label. and u are hardly 18? how is it to grow up now? you did not intend or even touch some1 and you basicly have done something worse then murder? this is why people go crazy, theres no true system

Posted by apostolic gal (not registered) on May 14, 2007 10:48 AM

I can't understand how some people can be put on the sex offenders list and some not .My stepson has been caught 2 or 3 times streaking or shaking his private at women in parking lots and on a major Interstate.He was under house arrest for several months.I thought I saw a sex offender who was indecent exposser .He did this in front of a 5 year old child and her mother.

Posted by anonymous (not registered) on May 16, 2007 02:29 PM

I was one of the people that was molested and it still hurts me to even think about it!!! I'm just 16 and still have a hard road . What hrts me the most... it was the only man I thought I could trust! My step-father! I told my mother once and she didn't believe me! I told her a second time and it finally clicked and she "beleived" me!! but now she run off and I don't have a relationship with her! I pray everyday that if someone else is being done this way that they tell I sure wish I would have to begin with! He not only molested me he also abused me and my mother and evn my brothers I knew he'd kill me or try something even worse so I didn't ! Please pray for me and those children who are going through this and don't talk bad about us! It's not our fault!

Posted by Hexgirl on May 17, 2007 09:26 AM


Posted by Hexgirl on May 17, 2007 09:30 AM


Posted by michael (not registered) on May 18, 2007 11:33 AM

i am 28 yrs old.. i just had to register as a sex offender last month because of the new law passed. i commited my crime 9 yrs ago when a minor lied to me about her age. i was charged with statutory rape sentenced to 10yrs probation and have only 2 yrs left. because of the residency law change.. ive had to sell my new home and quit my job.. because you cant live or work near a school, church ,or where minors congrigate. my family (two daughters and wife) and I now live with my great uncle.. who 16 yrs ago commited involuntary manslaughter. he did 5 1/2 yrs of a 15 yr sentence. i love my uncle to death. and hes the most loyal and loving family member i have. but my point is.. murderers are out on parole everywhere. we have no clue where these guys live, and not many people even worry about that. more kids are killed each year by drunk drivers than convicted sex offenders. why dont they make it against the law to serve alchohol within a 1000 ft of a school, church, or where children gather. its all political.. and what better target to pick on than sex offenders. they really need to have a leveling system and theres a difference between sex offenders and sexual predators.. dont make me and my family suffer because of the sickos' you guys continue to let out of prison.. you know who these guys are when you have them.. and you continue to let repeat offenders out on parole.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on May 23, 2007 07:08 AM

I would like those interested in meaningful change to read this link put out by the Southern Center for Human Rights

Posted by Oldtimer on May 23, 2007 08:11 PM

interesting article. In discussions held at my state, all of these issues were brought up by those who have studied abuse and abuse programs. Legislators still continue to propose laws which have been proven to increase incidents of abuse and take financing away from programs by the Human Services Dept. The state police love these laws because the Feds are giving money and grants (and building new businesses such as tracking software, etc) The county sheriff's are stressed out because THEY are the ones who must track down and locate offenders , but get few of the funds.

and so it goes....

Posted by Hexgirl on May 24, 2007 09:54 AM


I have had problems getting on this sight alot" anymore," and another wed page will appear instead of this one. Not to minshone there are times I can not even type on certain things people may ask, or comment on. Any sugg.? Tammy (Hexgirl)

Posted by on May 24, 2007 04:09 PM

No problem with the site, be sure you are going to -- no issues have been reported and we monitor the site often.

Posted by Oldtimer on May 24, 2007 09:29 PM

Site working for me!

Posted by Hexgirl on May 30, 2007 10:19 PM

It must be my pc acting up, tonight I have had no problems. Thanks for resp.. anyways. Tammy (Hexgirl)

Posted by SOSNet (not registered) on Jun 26, 2007 07:24 PM

When Meganís and Jacobís Laws were originally passed, there was a decided lack of empirical evidence to support or question the effectiveness of these laws. We now find state and local governments, for easy political gain and against the advice of experts in criminal justice, behavior therapy, and law enforcement, attempting to a write harsher law than their neighboring cities or states.

This trend is now banishing an entire class of people as we find new laws that exclude EVERYONE on the registries, regardless of charge, from living within in these supposed safety zones.

The overwhelming evidence and statistics, as provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, state correctional studies, local law enforcement, and treatment experts, show that residency restrictions or safety (proximity) zones have not proven to enhance public safety and in fact have let to unintended consequences for communities and the innocent family members of offenders.

I ask you to consider the following: (1) with regards to recidivism, DOJ and other studies done since 1994, shows sex offenders commit another crime, of any kind, at an average rate of just thirteen percent, while those convicted of property theft reoffend at an average of 75%. People convicted of drunk driving will reoffend at a rate of 51%, while a convicted murderer will reoffend at a rate of 41%. Ex-convicts with a non-sex offense charge are 87% more likely to commit a sex offense than a convicted sex offender in therapy is. (2) The FBI-UCR, National Crime Victimization Survey reveals that only 23% of sex crimes are against someone under 18; and the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that predators represent around three percent of all sex offenders and child killers are less than one percent of all offenders. (3) Over 40% of sex crimes committed against someone under 18 are by a juvenile; most are consensual sex by teenagers, others are older siblings acting out against a relative. Additionally, a study by the DOJ showed the 19% of online teenagers who were solicited for sex, were done so by other teenagers around 70% of the time, NOT adults.

Posted by Oldtimer on Jun 27, 2007 11:37 AM

Why the Forum Fails: What you say makes sense, but from any of my involvement with the legislature in my state, I have found that this registry is REALLY about: Federal Funds for Public Safety Department, support of software companies, now leg bracelet providers, additional hardware support and personnel for the state police. Check out the funding and follow the money. Who cares about education and public safety?

Posted by Michigan4Life on Jun 27, 2007 02:51 PM

who or what is SOSNET????

Posted by Oldtimer on Jun 27, 2007 06:45 PM

Michigan4life: here is their link:

I just did a search. Good luck.

Posted by unknown from Michigan (not registered) on Aug 09, 2007 04:49 PM

So what about the children? Shouldn't they be more lenient to children then to adults who commit these crimes? I was 13 years old when I molested my cousin, I didn't even know what I was doing, I never knew about sex, I was curious. I was convicted at age 15 coincidentally the age where it's legal to be charged as an adult. I was being charged for a 30-life sentence. I plead no-contest and got probation for 5 years and I have to register for 25 years. I am now 23 I can't find a job, I can't live in certain places, I can't even safely walk around outside without fear of people attacking me because I'm on the "list". What am I supposed to do about the situation? I am not a re-offender, I have not even committed any crimes afterward, I don;t even have any traffic tickets, nothing. Am I still forced to be marked a child molester because a certain percentage of other offender's re-offend? What about individual cases, can't they take that into consideration? Of course they can't it's all for votes, people will vote for prosecutors who convict sex offenders harshly no matter the circumstances, or what about the judge? They have 100's of cases per day they don't really care about the individual person. I have even apologized to the victim, she forgave me which I'm very grateful. What has the justice system come to, destroying children's lives for the "safety" hazard i presumably pose? I am not dangerous, I am a good, kind person who made a terrible mistake at 13. You people who think everyone on the list is a sicko need to open your eye's and actually think. Sure there are some people on the list that should be in prison for good but that doesn't make everyone on the list a predator.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Oct 11, 2007 01:10 PM

Often I see people post their opinions without ever having been through any of this. Or even knowing someone who has. I know someone who now has to register for life because he was "accused" of child molestation. However, recently I spoke with his ex-wife (where the accusation originated from) and she stated that she is aware that she made false accusations, and wishes she could take it all back. Nowmy friend has to register every year, he isn't allowed to go to my daughter's recitals, he isn't allowed to accompany me and my children to the local park. In short he has been denied simple mundane pleasures because someone accused him without any basis. His biological son was medically examined and they stated that he showed no signs either pgysical or psychological of any kind of abuse. He was forced to sign away all his parental rights, on his son's 1st birthday more than 10 years ago. Shortly after, his wife gave up their son for adoption. Unfortunatelly, he as anindividual has been at the business end of alot of prejudice. I am not condoning those who DO commit child abuse in any of it's forms. But I want people to be aware that there are always three sides to EVERY story; The side of person A, the side of person B,and the objective truth.

Posted by Anon (not registered) on Nov 01, 2007 03:46 PM

My 21 year old son was in a two year relationship with a 15 year old girl. Of course sex was involved. They were engaged to be married. The girls mother brought her to his home and left here there for several months. They had problems and broke up. When they, did the mother filed charges against my son. He was charged with statuatory rape. He took a plea deal and spent a year in prison. Now being on the sex offender list he has no life at all. But here is the kicker. He is developmentally challenged. He has been evaluated three times and found to have the mentality of a 15 year old . The argument about an "adult" having consentual sex with a minor is that the minor is not able to rationalize the implications of their actions. If that is true then how can a young man with a 15 year old mental capacity be held accountable for the rest of his life. If you are going to register sex offenders then all felons should be registered.

Posted by Jennifer (not registered) on Feb 26, 2008 06:59 PM

I wonder if even half of you realize that not all people on the registry have raped or molested a child. A lot of them were tricked by these girls that say and dress like they are 18. Nowadays, especially in Georgia, you can go to prison for kissing your kid good night or maybe a girl gets mad at her is ridiculous how ignorant some of you can be.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Feb 26, 2008 10:10 PM


Posted by Buttomfly on Feb 27, 2008 07:50 AM

That's part of the problem. The law only sees black and white. Either they

can charge someone and get prison time or it's not worth the trouble to

even submit the report. A lot of these people would be better off getting

some sort of therapy to address their behavior. Prison doesn't do any

good for some. It is just punishment and makes real criminals out of them.

The real pedophiles and rapists thrive in prison and come out and do more

harm. The ones who get caught up in the system who were innocent,

set up or got charged with rape for what they thought was consensual

sex will just have their lives ruined by a corrupt system. This is insane.

We need to take back control of our justice system and court system. It

is all out of whack and the prosecutors are at the core of this mess.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 08, 2008 06:08 PM

I'm responding to the person that said who are we to re-judge once a person has committed a crime and convicted, well apparently you or no one in your family has went through this, if not and then dont understand, i'm 49 yrs old and was raped at the age of (13) by (3) men at one time and had a silver pistol to my head while they took turns of raping me one by one and left me for dead, i did not know how i would explain ths to my parents at the time, so for many years i dealt with it and never told anyone, even until this day i think about it and cannot watch any movies that has sexual violence, so you think before you speak.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 12, 2008 04:54 PM

i belive if they say they did not do but still go to prision they should not have to live a lie just because of the state they should be free

Posted by holly :) (not registered) on Feb 25, 2009 02:52 PM

um no they should be registured.... im 16 a nd all the teens get hit on by these sick men and its distgusting ya they should be plsted not only that on houae areest thanks Byeeee

Posted by writerofwrongs (not registered) on Mar 01, 2009 03:37 AM

For those of you who defend these offenders...SHAME ON YOU!...Clearly YOU have not been sexually assulted or you would agree with the rest of us to CASTRATE THEM ALL!!....Unfortunately, that doesn't even help. I think the offender should be left to the mercy of the victim/family of the victim.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Mar 25, 2009 03:08 AM

I think that both the federal and state judicial systems entire approach to the sex offender issue, is totally inadequate and ineffective, and not even scratching the surface in beginning to resolve the reason,as to why there are sex offenders in the first place.They exist, because they(the system) allow the black market media, to degrade and exploit men, women, and children - with the toleration, of the trillion+ dollor porn industry, and prostitution-which produce the male,female, and adolescent sexual deviate.They subtilly paint the picture, that the successful rehabilitation of the sex offender,cannot be - only managed, which is a only a irresponsible and laim excuse,to keep their pocketbooks full;after all, if there is no sex offender to convict and incarcerate,there is no need to train judges and DA'S,and build larger prisons - that the tax payer cow gets milked for.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 04, 2009 07:23 AM

I agree that there are alot of those who do these acts to children, but believe me, its not as bad as you think. As an ex-prosecutor, I can truly say that most of the Georgias sex offenders are registered or went to jail, not because they messed with kids, but instead, for giving their kids of the opposite sex a bath or urinating outside where a child may have saw them. Alot of people out of ignorance do not know this, yet they make comments such as "casturate them all", or "they should stay in prison:. Its easy to make these comments when you are ignorant to the facts. Believe me, I have ruined alot of lives as a prosecutor, but it wasn't by my choice. It was because the State knows that most are stupid to the facts of what is going on, and prosecutors are made tp pursue these cases. This is why I quit. Unlike others, I do have a concience. May those I wronged please forgive me.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on May 01, 2009 10:40 PM

all sex offenders should be castrated and thrown in a mental asylum and locked away for 10 life sentences until they are dead

Posted by Rodercrown on May 05, 2009 03:07 AM

An intervention is, for the most part, individuals gathering to defy an addicted individual's dependency and making her face the reality.

Posted by sameer (not registered) on May 12, 2009 01:09 PM

A sex offender (short for sexual offender) is a person who has been criminally charged and convicted of, or has pled "guilty" or Nolo contendere to, a sex crime. Crimes requiring mandatory sex offender registration may include child sexual abuse, downloading child pornography, rape, and statutory rape. The term sex offender is a broad term, with sexual predator often being used to describe a more severe physical or repeat sexual offense.The highest level offenders generally must register as a sex offender for their entire lives, whereas low level offenders may only need to register for a limited time.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on May 13, 2009 01:23 PM

Because I have been a victim myself more than once I feel my opinion is warranted on this subject.

First and foremost anyone who harms a child in any way deserves punishment. However the punishment must fit the crime. For example if some one molest a child then certainly criminal punishment is warranted. But now let's consider teenagers who both consent to some form of sexual pleasure and then one decides (or their parent decides ) that they were molested, how wrong is that. Especially if both teens admit to consenting, I don't care what their ages are! I feel it's wrong to punish someone when both agredd in the first place. Notice I mentioned if both were in their teens. Also there's the cases where someone lies about their age even as young as 12 saying they are 15, simply because they want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in their life. then when they realize it's not going to happen they sream rape. These cases need to be judged individually and the law needs to chang because if someone as young as 12 is able to perform sex acts and admits to doing it then obviously there should,t be charges pressed against anyone. There have been too numerous amounts of teens that this has happened to and especially in Georgia. It very unfair to ruin another teens life just because your son or daughter make a poor choice. In closing I would like to state that I have been sexually attack three times beginning at the age of 3 and it was never with my consent and neither was any of them family memebers or friends

It's these people who just think of nothing else but molesting someone and taking their dignity away that need to be prosecuted to the fullest attempt not the consenting teens and/or adults.

Posted by You don't want to know. (not registered) on Jun 06, 2009 11:10 PM

None of the laws work- Just protect your children and watch relatives, close friends and talk to your children more. We can not rely on law enforcement all the time. Sometimes its the person you lease suspect.

Posted by Joe (not registered) on Jun 13, 2009 10:58 PM

The current sex offender Laws are starting to create a very serious problem. My son is a registered sex offender for having a 15 year old girlfriend when hs was 18 years old. He told me they are starting to use the registry as a pen pal list. There are clusters of sex offenders starting to live together all over the country. They just go online and find someone with a similar charge and hook up with living situation, because they have no were else to live. Not only do we have to deal with one sex offender, now its two or a trio we have to look out for. Imagine the damage a pair of child molesters can do. I think the Beast has yet to come alive. There must be a better way without violating ACLU or other civil rights laws.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 17, 2009 01:10 PM

Everyone that is registered as a sex offender did not commit the crime that they are being forced to register as. I think personally if a guy has a perfect clean record then he should be given the 1st offenders act and after he has done his time then it should be taken off of his record, but for everyone to look at sex offenders the way they do and a lot of people dont know the story is kind of messed up. I dont think the law has a real right to say where and how people can live just because of what they are labled as, every one makes mistakes no body is perfect. Now I'm not saying every one who is classified as a sex offender is not one but i know two people that are not sex offenders or they did what they are charged with but they have to live with it for the rest of their lives. What if your daughter who was say 15 or someone you know was raped and they had a boyfriend was 18 or so, and the law told your daughter's boyfriend the only way they could do anything to the guy that raped your daughter was to charge your daughters boyfriend who hasnt really done anything wrong. is that fair to mess the other guys life up no? not to mention the guy that raped your daughter walked out the court room scott free nothing happened to him, he got charged but not convicted or anything no probation or anything scott free but your daughter's boyfriend is struggling threw some stuff just because of his age.

Posted by lost forever (not registered) on Jun 18, 2009 05:36 AM

I'm glad I found this site. I wish not to give my name out.Hope you understand.I also won't go in full details because if I do, it'll become a book.

As a kid I was molested by my brother. No one put a stop to it. My life went on and I forgot about it until 14 years ago when I was 17. I was a baby sitter of 2 boys and a girl. They didn't have the best of parents. I would take the money I made and put it toward them. Like food,toys and clothes.Because their parents rather get drunk. They were giving the girl a bath with the boys and I refused to do that. They were like family to me. Little girl was telling me someone was messing with her and that made me think of what my brother did.She told me her bottom area hurt.She started crying and I hugged her. She went to the bathroom said it hurt to pee. So me being caring, I barely placed my hand on her and looked. I didn't like what I saw and I spoked to the mom about it. Well she wasn't going to hear about it so i left and told her to find someone else.

When I got my first car, I had my mom to take me back to show it to them. All 3 kids ran up to me, hugging me,she held onto me tight and asked me if I was coming back and I said no... Told me they loved me and everything. The parents asked me to come in but I told them I couldn't keep my mom waiting. Either it was the very next day or 2 days later. A cop knocks on my door. I was a teenager with this going on... I was scared,nervous,everything a teenager could feel.
They had me to do a lie test. They wouldn't show me what it said. But I guess the lines showed up things. They tricked me by the questions they asked me. Like one was "Did you touch her ya know" I don't like saying that word. I said yes but then went to explain that I didn't fully touch her, just the outside. They wouldn't let me explain.

Long story short. Went to court, couldn't afford a lawyer, so the courthouse gave me one. He told me and my mom it would be best for us to take a plea bargain. Because if we tried to fight it. I'd be gone. My parents weren't in good shape. So we took it.

Was put on probation. Couldn't be around kids until after, had to go to sexual classes with GROWN MEN! That wasn't a place for me. That really messed me up. Hearing the stories of what they did and everything. Made me remember more of what my brother did. When I was on PO, the mother of the child came up to my po officer and told her who really did it. She wouldn't do anything. Left and I got signed to another po. A lot more drama happen like my grandma passing away,me getting into trouble for seeing her put to rest... I tried my best to stay out of trouble and be with my family.

What could did it do me? I'm in my 30's now. My life is over, totally. No one will hire me with a felon, not even telling them what happen. I've gained weight, have a had time trusting me and I've tried to kill myself a few times.

About 5 years ago or more. I saw the mother again and she had the balls to ask me to take care of them and I said no.

I bet all of them are living happy now while I feel sick and invisble. I try and live life right.But everytime I do... Something bad happens... I can't get a BF because of it either.

I want my life to be normal but it'll never be again. I try to live normal ,the best that I can... but the whole time I'm dying inside.

I didn't have to reg as a sex off because it happen way before the new law came in. Thats the only good thing that happen.

As long as God,my family and my few friends that I do trust. Know's the truth. I guess thats all that matters. I'd like to talk to everyone on here. If you ever been hurt and need someone to talk to that has been in your shoes, please email me. Or if you were excused but didn't do it either, email me.I feel alone in this world.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Jun 27, 2009 03:31 PM

But EVERY Sex offender isn't a rapist or molester. I have a close friend who just got caught having sex that BOTH people consented to, but she was younger than him. So you can't say ANYONE who is a sex offender should be murdered, because there are many different "Crimes" in the category.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 20, 2009 09:34 PM

Have any of you considered that there are numerous FALSE claims given by children who are looking for attention. Did you also know that if you get caught urinating in public that you could also be put on the sex offender list? Yet, the sex offender registry in GA does not distinguish between these crimes. Are you serious that people should lose their limbs or be imprisoned for life for urninating in public? It is only ignorance that prompts thoughts like that. Ideally, only individuals who truly have sexual predator tendadies should be on this list, but that is not the case. If the laws and our judicial system was perfect, I may be able to agree with some of the sentiments. However, this is the single crime where PROOF is not required, it is purely at the word of a child. How many times as your child lied to you, or stretched the truth? How would you feel if your life and freedom was based on a statement by a child? There are two sides to every story - remember that.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Aug 22, 2009 08:56 AM

There are alot of false rape accusations. There are people that are falsely accused. I am one of the people that made up a story that I was molested in a school locker room. I had a really abusive childhood both physically sexually and mentally. I was beat just about everyday by my stepfather. My mom would get beat to as for my brothers and sister to. I allways recieved most of the abuse. He knew I didn't like him. I had many thoughts as a young kid to stab him and fight back but never had the balls to do it. I lived in filth with roaches and mice. I got picked on and bullied in school because of this. How I never did a Columbine I will never know. My only salvation was spending the weekends spring break and summer break at my grandparents. I made sure I got good grades during the school year so I wouldn't have to go to summer school so I could go to my grandparents. Where my grandparents lived in the summer the high school would let you swim there I believe it was 25 cents to use the pool. Here came another end to summer vacation and back to the slums back to being beat back to not eating back to the roaches and mice back to being picked on at school so I made up a story of me being molested at the high school pool and was told if I ever go back home to my parents that he would hurt me and I could never see my grandparents again. I was 9 and made up this story. How at 9 I could even think of something like this I will never know. All this sex offender stuff wasn't the way it was then like it is now. It was 1983. My parents believed it and the police were called I had to give details about what happened and a description of the person. Nothing ever happened. My stepfather made me call my grandmother and let her know what happened. Not because he cared because he wanted to humiliate me. I told him and my mom over and over I did not want my Grandparents to know. So the next weekend I went to my grandparents and my grandmother asked me about it and I cried and told her the truth that nothing happened. I trusted my grandmother she was allways there for me. Her brother was the captain of the police department and she told him so everything went away. I am 36 now and to this day I don't know how I ever thought of a story like that. Knowing what I know today thank God my grandmother was there if not some innocent person would've went to jail for a lie.

Posted by Barbara (not registered) on Sep 06, 2009 07:37 PM

If anyone is confused about my last post about Love versus Lust: Love means giving to the other what they truly need and not wanting anything in return. Lust means taking from the other so you can get what you want. Love is felt in the heart area of the body. Lust is felt in the genital area of the body. When you love someone, you will help and care for that person and be concerned about the repercussions on that persons future life by any acts or words you make towards them. If you feel that you can't, don't, or won't love anyone it is because you don't love yourself. Loving yourself is primary. And if you don't love yourself you probably did not receive much love as a child. Lust is a downward spiral. Lust is the underlying condition of all molesters and rapists. When are we going to awake to the healing power of love?

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 18, 2009 12:55 PM

Can two registered sex offenders live in the same house together?

Posted by Reality (not registered) on Sep 19, 2009 03:14 PM

To: Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 18, 2009 12:55 PM: Yes, any number of people who are listed on a Sex Offender Registry may reside in the same home together. The Criminal State of Georgia has not yet attempted to make that illegal. If and when they do, they will be promptly sued, as they have been for virtually every single other aspect of their immoral, illegal Registration laws.

These laws have been completely counterproductive and have wasted a huge amount of time, money, and other resources that could have been used to actually try to combat sexual offending. But instead, we have to use those resources to help some uninformed, irresponsible people feel better.

I really, really hope that all of you people who want these laws are not part of the majority of Americans who pay NO significant amount of taxes. You "people" who wants these laws - pay taxes, lobby to pay more taxes!!! I am tired of paying for your nanny government nonsense.

Posted by Ms.Concerned (not registered) on Sep 30, 2009 07:02 PM

There's a sex offender living less than 20ft. of me and I've taken the need steps to inform the law the elementary school is less than 50ft. what should I do?

Posted by Ms.Concerned(not a sex offender) (not registered) on Sep 30, 2009 07:15 PM

There's a child molester lives 20ft. in front of my unit with his enabling mother. I have informed all the tenants in my complex by putting flyers in they're door. This crime made the news in 1998 This 23 yrs old prick turns 24 this month I have informed his probation officer and the sex offenders investigators but nothing has been done yet! But it will last year they locked him up for 3 lousy months now he is up to same routine in the nieghborhood. The sad part to this is he did it to a family member and the childs mother his aunt did'nt recant her story. My blood boils when I see him I have a 3year old grand-daughter who visits on the week-end. I really think they should lock up his mother for allowing him to live over here with her or rather say lying about his address i'm really sick of Georgia messed up law sex offenders have to many rights when they don't deserve any.

Posted by 911Momof5 on Oct 09, 2009 08:16 AM

I live in Metro Atlanta and the offender that abused me was my ex-husband and I was not his only victim. Not to mention my children he may have harmed and we can not prove it. He taunts us by coming to my neighbors house even though he is a registered offender he can still threaten us without saying a word. He got 5 years for the many more years of fear he has placed on my children and myself. I know what he is capable of and he will offend again , it is just a matter of time. The very scary part is there is nothing I can do. I have sole custody and could use child support but the kids are afraid that if I go to court to get it they will have forced visitation...

Posted by Angry (not registered) on Oct 24, 2009 08:31 PM

The man who started raping my daughter when she was only 6 & molested another child while out on bond only got 5 years in prison & 10 years probation. When I check the offenders list it shows that he is still incarcerated in Ga. but Fla. shows that he lives in Ga. & is unmappable. He could be living right down the street & I wouldn't even know because they don't know. He can be very violent & did promise me that he would kill me if I ever left him & what good is a restraining order against someone who want's you dead. Before the law get's there you would already be cold.

Posted by whats wrong with the system (not registered) on Dec 01, 2009 07:06 PM


Posted by A (not registered) on Mar 11, 2010 01:04 AM

My personal opinion is that people who have never experienced sexual abuse and claim that we should not "judge" them need to keep their opinions to themselves. The court is only the first place they will be judged and God will do the rest but for those of us who have had to live it or know someone who's life a sex offender has destroyed. We have the right to shun these people... and you have to ask yourself what kind of sick person touches a child. Are you ok with them living next door to your children and grandchildren? NOPE, didn't think so! These are not mistakes people... these are sins that have no forgiveness in my opinion therefore I leave these people for God and God only to punish (maybe with solitude) because as long as they are here on Earth they can live in solitude for all I care. I can't believe that someone would say such things as "not to judge them" and "they make mistakes"... these mistakes ruin thousands of lives. I don't make these mistakes! I think personally the person that was abused should have the right to issue their offenders punishment... that would be real justice.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Apr 17, 2010 02:08 AM

I am a sex offender, I was convicted in 2002 for enticing a child for indecent purposes, I have not even thought about trying to have any sexual encounter with a child. It has been 8 yrs. Yes I believe that punishment should be harsh for dangerous preditors, but honestly those who made honest minor mistakes are being punished severely. this is not fair, I believe I deserve another chance. I will fight for that chance. I am sorry for all the victims. I want fair justice, NOT lax justice.

Posted by KEE KEE (not registered) on May 13, 2010 09:19 PM

Well I think if they did there time we the people need to stop judging. My husband caught a charge becuase at the time this girl was 15 and he was 17 he now has to register as a sex offender. There's something wrong with the system.

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on May 14, 2010 09:11 PM

I agree that laws need to be harsh for dangerous sex offenders, but I also agree that the system is broken. My daughter is considered a sex offender - she had sex at party with a 16 YO that told her he was 19. She was 19 at the time. When his parents heard about it they pressed charges. Nothing happened to the 16 YO, but she got a year in jail and now has a label.

Posted by Jerseyd15 (not registered) on May 08, 2011 08:30 AM

I have been reading comments after comments for months. You people see Sex Offender and automatically everyone is a child molestor or scared for children for life! My fiance received a message on chat board (where you needed to be 18) and began talking with a person who claimed to be 21 and in college. Turns out she was 17 - we have been fighting legal battles for 2 years!!! He has never met her, talked to her, or seen a picture of her. Her father found her phone and turned it over to the police and even though my fiance kept telling the girl he couldn't meet her and they needed to stop they still filled charges. He didn't DO ANYTHING and now we are fighting a battle.

I am sorry but if that was my daughter she would be GROUNDED for life but she was treated like she did nothing wrong!!!

I think before people judge they should have all the facts. People who are quick to judge are ignorant in this day and age

Posted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sep 17, 2011 06:02 PM

I've been researching the topic of "child molestation" for the past few weeks. A friend of mine was arrested on child molestation charges. What the police failed to find out was that he and his ex wife were in the middle of a custody battle (which has been going on for 2 years). It has escalated because the man she is married to is a convicted felon (grand theft, assault/battery) and (ironically enough) lost a court case in which he was accused of stealing money, again, just a mere month before the child "confessed" to being molested. I am not saying that child molestation should be taken lightly, nor a childs plea of help go unanswered. But law enforement and law makers need to take a harder look at 1. the environment the child has been living in (this child has been around the convicted felon for almost 3 years) 2. is custody a question 3. background of the "offender" 4. level of education and experience of the investigator questioning the child- which should be done by an independant interviewer who can avoid leading questions.
Since divorces in these days are uncontested, the only thing left bitter spouses have to fight over is the children and allegations of child molestation ensure that the one being accused loses all hope of any sort of custody. Sadly enough, this takes away resources and help for those children who are truly being abused and molested.


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